Variable Emotional Traits


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The Sims 4 MOD: Variable Emotional Traits

What it does
When an emotional trait like goofball or gloomy gives an occasional moodlet for its associated emotion, like ‘Feeling Playful’ or ‘Feeling Sad’, the moodlet will have a random strength, instead of always being +1.

Why would you want this?
Those occasional +1 moodlets from the emotional traits rarely do much, especially the negative ones. With this mod, even if you’re not deliberately putting your sim into the emotion associated with their trait, there should be a better chance they’ll accomplish it themselves sometimes.

Variable Emotional Traits in detail
The occasional moodlets from emotional traits and the insane trait will be a random strength each time they’re received.

  • For positive moods:
    • 2/3 chance of +1, 1/3 chance of +2
  • For negative moods:
    • 1/3 chance of +1, 1/3 chance of +2, 1/3 chance of +3

The moodlets affected are: ‘Feeling Energized’, ‘Feeling Happy’, ‘Feeling Inspired’, ‘Feeling Focused’, ‘Feeling Sad’, ‘Feeling Playful’, ‘Feeling Angry’, ‘Feeling Flirty’, ‘Feeling Confident’, ‘Flarn’, ‘Elicanto Whirly’, ‘Ooh Be Gah!!’, and ‘Shmoo Shmoo Shmoo’.

Recommended mods to go with this

  • Uncomfortable Overhaul
    Allowing discomfort to boost negative moods can also help smaller negative moodlets to have an effect.
  • No Happy Environment Moodlets
    With permanent happy moodlets around, it can still be hard for a negative mood to come to the surface. Disable happy moodlets from decorations for a better balance between positive and negative moods.
  • Emotional Inertia
    With emotional inertia, a negative emotional trait causing a negative mood will be a bigger deal, with more lasting consequences.


  • This mod was made with the help of Zerbu’s Mod Constructor v2
  • Thanks to Sjofn, SarahSyna, Loofofbread, jackboog21, and spidergirl79 for testing and reporting bugs.

Conflicts and compatibility
This mod overrides no files, and should not conflict with any other mod.
Working for The Sims 4 v1.36.99 / The Cats and Dogs Patch

Support and updates
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