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This is my first mod. I’m just learning it. 

What does it do?: Adds 2 new lot traits to the pool, so those who don’t want to use the “Taming of the shoe” wall sign, can instead add one of the traits to any lot in the game and it’ll behave similarly.

Barefoot – sims should take off their shoes while inside the building on a lot

Slippers – sims will change to their slippers while inside the building on a lot. Except when not.

There is no change in the logic which controls if a sim will follow the house rules or not. The only change I made here was to add a buff to the actor if they are on their owned lot, so they must follow it. Was weird, that a sim could unfollow it in it’s own house. In order to reach this I’m checking the mailbox owner on the lot. If it’s owned by the actor, it’ll receive the buff. I’m sure there is a simpler way to this, but as I said, I’m just starting this whole modding topic.

I tried to set the lot traits exclusive to each other, but somehow the method I tried didn’t work. So as a workaround if both traits are used on a lot, only the slipper wearing version will be active. So I don’t recommend to waste a lot trait slot by using both at the same time on the same lot.

I also tried to fix the behavior, that when a sim wants to do something active, they won’t switch their footwear to an appropriate variant (eg.: training shoes for fitness), but staying in their slippers, or barefoot instead. Unfortunately this was bigger than me, so I keep it on my todo list.

I’d like to give my regards to scumbumbo for his awesome howotos and tools! Without them I’d be still wondering where to start this whole modding thing.

The mod obviously requires the Snowy Escape Expansion Pack. And I don’t really know if it works together with other mods which changes the no shoe behavior. I haven’t really changed neither any buffs, nor loots, so they might.


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