No Forgotten Birthday Drama




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Tired of your Sims always crying after a forgotten birthday party? where is her personality From now on all emotions are allowed and some Sims can even be happy if they spend their birthday all alone without party and guests!

Why do all Sims have to want to celebrate their birthday? Why do they always cry when they haven’t thrown a birthday party and invited guests? Finally stop! Where is the personality? The mod works similar to my No Holidays Failure Drama mod and replaces the uniform sad buff that Sims all receive after a forgotten birthday with multiple buffs with different moods. Only the base game is required. But if you have other packs or mods, some other traits can also affect your Sim’s emotion.

The following traits influence the result:

-EA Personality and Reward Traits: Calming Aura, Cheerful, Childish, Clear Perspective, Club President, Dauntless, Evil, Gloomy, High Maintenance, Hot Headed, Independent, Insider, Kindness Ambassador, Loner, Moment Of Clarity, Needs No One, Outgoing, Party Animal, Paranoid, Shameless, Socially Awkward, Self Absorbed, Childhood Phase Distant, Childhood Phase Loud, Childhood Phase Rebellious, Life Skills Argumentative, Life Skills Mediator.
-Kuttoe’s Stoic, Calm, Perky, and Restless Traits and Scarlet’s Socially Anxious Trait.
-Melancholy, Impulsive, Neurotic, Emotional, Joyless, Relaxed, Boring, Optimistic, Well Balanced, High Strung, and Unappeasable Traits from Vicky Sims.


  1. Adam

    It does not work for them constantly making birthday cakes, which is also a burden.

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