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Now your Sim can be a pathological liar! Yay!

-Tell Lie (changes based on mood, chance for Confident moodlet)
-Lie About Self (changes based on mood, chance for Confident moodlet)
-Fake Compliment (chance for Happy moodlet on Target Sim)
-Feign Interest (chance for Focused or Bored moodlet, chance for Happy moodlet on Target Sim)
-Admit to Dishonesty (chance for Sad or Inspired moodlet)
-Project False Confidence (chance for Confident moodlet)
-Genuine Compliment (must have high friendship with Target Sim, chance for Happy/Embarrassed moodlet, chance for Happy/Sad moodlet on Target)
-Reveal True Self (must have high friendship with Target Sim, chance for Happy moodlet on both Dishonest Sim and Target Sim)

-Make up Backstory (changes based on mood, chance for Stressed, Angry, or Inspired moodlet on Target Sim [depending on traits])
-Give Fake Name (chance for Confident moodlet)
-Crocodile Tears (chance for Sad moodlet)

-Pretend to Flirt

-Throw Pretend Temper Tantrum (chance for Sad moodlet)

If Any Lie Interactions Fail:
-3 different possible ‘caught in lie’ moodlets for both the Dishonest Sim and the Target Sim (varies based on Target Sim’s traits)

Proximity Buffs:
Sims with Good Trait – +1 Angry
Sims with Bro, Cheerful, Childish, or Outgoing Trait – +1 Playful
Other Sims with Dishonest Trait – +2 Angry

Proximity Buffs (other Sims):
Sims with Good Trait – +1 Uncomfortable

Occasional Buffs:
Time For Some Lies! – Playful +1
Must. Tell. LIES! (appears if the Sim hasn’t lied in a while- any lie interaction will clear this) – Tense +2

Relationship Increase Rate:
Friendship – 0.8x
Romance – 0.8x

Skill Increase Rates:
Mischief- 1.2x
Charisma – 1.2x

Need Decay Rate:
Fun need decays 1.2x faster

Level Up Mischief
Troll teh Forums
Level Up Charisma
Tell a Lie

Made with Zerbu’s Mod Constructor :]
Compatible with base game, hopefully shouldn’t conflict with any expansion packs or common mods (that I know of, please don’t quote me on that).

Enjoy your deceit!


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