Ts4 ?Tough Protector? Trait!


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The Sims 4 MOD: Ts4 “Tough Protector” Trait!

Hiya! I’m BreezyHoodie and new to this community. This is the first trait, first CC I’ve ever made. So, let’s begin. This is the Tough Protector trait for your simmish world. I think this trait would go best with the Jealous trait

BTW, “Default Buff” means a buff that is random or triggered. Not something that has a specific timing.

There are 7 custom buffs to this trait, but first thing’s first.
“Them” is how I will refer the sim’s loved one. Brother, Sister, Father, Mother, Auntie, Uncle Joe, Wife, Boyfriend, Cousin Timmy, Husband, Girlfriend Felicia; whatever the sim is to the protective sim.

The trait makes your sim Angry by default. It’s only +1 so don’t worry; it can be easily overthrown. Tough guys/gals like keeping a rep, so naturally they would stay angry and grouchy constantly to look dangerous right? They also cannot be Dazed since they are always ready to protect “them”. This trait will be found in the “Lifestyle” category since this is the sims lifestyle per say.

The learn all creative skills except for the Bartending and Guitar skills slower than most sims. Bartending because I would think to keep a tough guy/gal image, the first thing they do is hit the pub and drink up. And the Guitar is because I think it would give the soft side to the sim, also, I think it would be a anger release.

All physical skills are learned way faster than normal sims! Nearly 2%! This is because, since they are the protectors (or at least that’s how they feel), they want to stay in the best shape possible, ready to intercept if ANYONE messes with their “Them”.

All social skills are learned 65% slower. All musical skills are learned 50% slower. They learn all mental skills 60% slower except for Handiness, Videogaming, and Fishing. I feel like it would be hard for them to trust and get over their tough rep, hence slower social skill gain. For musical, I felt that even though they like to play Guitar, it still would take a lot out of them since they would feel insecure playing an instrument and being the tough gal/guy at the same time. And it’s rare they ever get time to themselves to practice alone, hence less time = less skill. They would be so absorbed into becoming physical enough to protect “them” from harm’s way that they probably wouldn’t be the brightest crayon in the box… so to speak. Handiness, Videogaming, and Fishing are exceptions since these are all physical skills or, well, who fails at a Video Gaming skill? Seriously, and not a FPS either.

Autonomy is Hotheaded (Trait), Active (Trait), Family-Oriented (Trait), Angry (Emotion), Confident (Emotion), and Stressed (Emotion). It’s kind of obvious, or at least to me, why these are chosen.

Moving on; they tend to be Confident and Angry, though they have a variety of emotions still. They are harder to get uncomfortable.

For the same reason as why their Social skills gain slow, they lose relationships 50% slower. Their relationships increase 75% slower; meaning, it’s hard for them to lose friends and harder for them to gain them. Tough gals/guys based on stereotypical criteria (from books, movies, etc.) have a hard time learning to trust and a hard time keeping those friends due to their inability to get “touchy” and they tend to push the people they love the most away.

The trait includes about 23 (?) whims. A couple include getting into fights and being mean to keep their rep up, but majority include hugs, helping teens/children with homework, and love related whims.

Now, down to the buffs (You: you’re seriously proud of ’em, huh? Me: Heck yes.)

Alrighty! That covers the buffs and the trait. If there are any suggestions or ideas you guys’d like to share for me to implement, just comment and I’ll what I can do. PLEASE don’t reupload this content, thank you.


Mk, this is my first trait so please only give comments (no duh) and/or constructive criticism. I made this trait called “Protective Toughie”. I really need help with naming XD, but if there is any issues with the trait, please let me know right away and I might not always get right back. Since Drew Shivers’s Protective trait is almost NO WHERE to be found, I decided to make my own for personal usage. Then, I decided to be a nice trait giver and share it to the world; shortly: took me all day so take it or leave it. Enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Zerbu’s Buff And Trait Factory (AKA Our lord and savior)


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