Treasure Hunter Custom Trait


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The Sims 4 MOD: Treasure Hunter Custom Trait

Do your sims love shiny things? This custom trait will turn them into a bonafide treasure hunter! This is particularly useful if you would like collection type whims but dont want to use Love the Outdoors trait or Curator Aspiration. Also useful if your sim has a hankering to be the next Indiana Jones!

Location: CAS Hobby Section


Here are just a few examples of the buffs your sim can recieve as a treasure hunter.

Note: This buff only appears if the Dig for Treasure interaction is used, NOT for all digging. Because that would be annoying.


Collect new crystal
Collect new frog
Collect new metal
Collect new fossill
Find a collectable
Collect new space rock
Go on a rocket mission
Upgrade rocketship cargo
Fish for an hour
Buy a computer
Go on vacation to Granite Falls
Buy flea market object

Skill Effects

x1.5 Logic Skill
x1.5 Rocket Science Skill

No effects on Autonomy and Career.

Additional Credits:
Zerbu Mod Constructor V3
Scumbumbo for the help with locating an interaction!
Scumbumbo XML Extractor


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