Sustainable Living Trait **updated for laundry day***


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The Sims 4 MOD: Sustainable Living Trait **updated for laundry day***

Do your sims love to be outside, camping, fishing, gardening and generally living off the land? Are they tired of how wasteful sim society is? This trait gives your sim special buffs for living as sustainably as possible!

*** Updated to include Laundry Day which I bought after I made this trait. Please download version 1.1 to include laundry day***


26 Custom Buffs
2 Proximity Buffs
1 Broadcaster Buff
Skill Modifiers
Autonomy Changes
A fun outdoor experience!



+1 Happy 4h (Saving Water) From Showering
+1 Focused 6h (Fresh Fish!) From Fishing
+1 Focused 4h (Dont Replace, Repair!) Repairing Items
+1 Inspired 4h (Singing Saves) From Practising Singing
+1 Happy 10h (Natural Snooze) From sleeping in tent or bush
+1 Focused 4h (Bountiful Garden!) From gardening
+1 Focused 4h (Economical Earning) From Woodworking
+1 Playful 4h (Wasteless Woohoo!) From Woohoo in bush or tent
+1 Energized 4h (Economical Eating) From eating Harvestables
+1 Happy 4h (Improved, Not New!) From upgrading items
+1 Happy 4h (Natural Nurse!) From Home Rememdy for illness
+1 Happy 4h (Sharing is Caring!) From donating to charity.
+1 Confident 4h (Weeing in the Wild!) using bush for toilet
+1 Inspired 4h (Resourcefully Roasted) Using campfire to cook
+1 Confident 4h (Handwash Happy) From using wash tub and clothes line
+1 Focused 6h (Shared Resources) From visiting Library
+3 Happy 24h (Adopted!) from adopting a child of any age

+1 Sad 4h (Wasteful Woohoo) From woohoo in a bed
+1 Tense 8h (Overpopulated!) From Try for a Baby
+3 Sad 4h (Uneconomically Cured) From Using Medicine to cure illness
+3 Sad 4h (Modern Day Slavery!) From getting a job via phone or computer.
+2 Tense 4h (Lavish Laundry) From using washing machine and tumble dryer
+2 Tense 4h (Cooker Crackdown) From using a cooker/stove/oven to cook
+2 Tense 4h (Toilet Tyrant!) From using a toilet
+3 Sad 4h (Wasting Water) from using a bath


+2 Happy from being near other Sustainable Living Sims
+1 Tense from being near materialistic sims


+1 Inspired to all sims near Sustainable Living Sim


0.25 Increase to Gardening
0.25 Increase to Herbalism


x2 Loving the Outdoors Autonomy Actions


Go Fishing
Plant Something
Become Focused
Become Confident
Become Inspired
Sing in Shower
Perform Woohoo in Tent
Woohoo in a bush
Use a Herbal Remedy
Salvage Parts
Upgrade Something
Repair an Object
Buy Woodworking Table
Donate to Charity
Level Up Gardening Skill
Level Up Handiness Skill
Craft a Scuplture
Craft Fruniture

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Zerbu and his Mod Constructor V3


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