The Sims 4 MOD: Sims 4 Shopaholic Trait

This mod is base game compatible
Built for version (pets compatible)

I wanted to make more realistic mods for my sims and mods that could cause familial and relationship problems. My first idea was a shopaholic mod. Available for male and female teen and up. This is my first time making a trait- I couldn’t find what I wanted for The Sims so I did it myself. I wanted to make a mod that didn’t severely impact gameplay and be a trait that the sim could overcome, kind of like real life.

Here’s what it does:

Mood Buffs:
10% Chance this sim will become embarrassed and ashamed of their shopping addiction. This lasts 120 in game minutes.
Whenever visiting a retail lot this sim will receive a happy buff with a weight of 2.

If this sim’s net worth drops below 500 the sim will become tense and worried about not being able to shop.This tense moodlet will last until the sim’s net worth is above 500.

If this sim is around another materialistic sim they will get a happy buff of +1 for being around someone like-minded.

26117 <<< Buy an Object Worth {0.Money} (Whim_Buy500)
127096 <<< Share Insecurities (Whim_ShareInsecurities_Jealous)
34312 <<< Buy a Guitar (Whim_BuyGuitar)
34831 <<< Break Off Current Relationship (Whim_CommitmentPhobe_BreakitOff)
97914 <<< Buy an Object Worth {0.Money} (Whim_Buy1000)
34855 <<< Brag about Possessions (Whim_Materialistic_BragAboutPossessions)
117078 <<< Buy a Drink Fountain (whimGoal_BuyBanquetFountain)
33076 <<< Buy a Workout Machine (Whim_BuyWorkoutMachine)
77360 <<< Buy a Stereo (Whim_BuyStereo)

No effect on need decays/increase or skill/career progression.

I liked the idea of making whims have a combination of needing to buy things and exhibiting subtly self destructive and insecure behaviors, as someone with an addiction would do.

Additional Credits:
Zerbu Mod Constructor V 3


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