Sense of Humor Traits


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The Sims 4 MOD: Sense of Humor Traits

This is my version of the Sense of Humor traits from the Sims 3! (Thanks to JKwanP for the suggestion! )

Good Sense of Humor

Sims with the Good Sense of Humor trait gain a +4 Playful Buff when they tell jokes by performing comedy interactions, watching comedy on the TV.


Sims with this trait just love a good joke! They also love to watch comedy on the TV and even perform comedy themselves!


~ Tell a Joke {type}
~ Share Jokes with Followers
~ Write Jokes
~ Write Jokes for an hour
~ Make a Prank call
~ Prank Someone with {Prank Type}


~ Comedy skill increases 1.5x Faster.


~ Fun increases 1.5x Faster.

No Sense of Humor

Sims with this Trait gain a +5 Bored Buff when telling jokes by performing comedy or watching comedy on the TV.


This Sim hates anything to do with jokes or comedy. They just don’t understand why some people find it funny.


~ Travel to {Location}
~ Play a Game
~ Watch a Movie
~ Watch TV (Not Comedy)
~ Take a Nap
~ Play Chess
~ Chat With Someone


~ Comedy Skill increases 0.5x Slower


~ Fun Increases 0.8x Slower.


~ Cover Poses from Emo Pose Pack, Here

Additional Credits:
Made via Zebru’s Mod Constructor V3


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