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Hewwo!! Moon here back with another mod. This is a very cool mod that I have wanted to make for a while.. however I never had the courage to.. basically I just did this because I have way more courage now. I felt brave enough to make this mod. Anyways this mod brings a more realistic health system to the sims 4 game. I hope you enjoy! 



  • Added Developmental Disorders, Impairments, and Genetic Mutations, and Impairments. Give your Sim any of these in the pie menu.
  • Added a Blood Donor and an Organ Donor career. Use your phone and book these careers.
  • Added dieting. Your Sim can now diet.
  • Added a redid attractiveness system. Your Sim can have turn ons and turn offs, and they can be attracted to males, females, or both.


Anyways there are three brand new categories in the actions tab on the currently selected Sim. These options are:

  • The option to give your Sims a menstrual cycle, complete with all four phases of the human menstrual cycle irl.
  • More illnesses of various severity and symptoms, plus some are contagious. These are also illnesses you can get irl.
  • The option to give your Sim a blood type and/or blood disorder.



Anyways let’s start with the menstrual cycle. 

  • Firstly, the follicular phase. This phase does nothing really.. 
  • Second, the fertile window. In this phase, your Sim will have a x2 chance of getting pregnant.
  • Thirdly, the ovulation phase/luteal phase. This is when your sim’s period is nearing. They will have symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, along with cervical mucus.
  • Last but definitely least, is the period phase. This also has an influx of symptoms such as headaches, cramps, and sweet cravings. 

Please note it does not change phases on its own, you have to do that physically. If you don’t want your sim to get their period, then either remove this module or don’t click any of the options. 



Illnesses are now divided into six categories, with a combination of physical and mental illnesses. 

The categories/illnesses are:

  • Mild illnesses: Influenza, Stomach Flu, Common Cold
  • Severe illnesses: AIDS, Dementia, Cancer
  • Chronic illnesses: Insomnia, Asthma, Seasonal Allergies
  • Mental illnesses: Depression, OCD, PTSD
  • Eating disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia
  • Parasites: Tick, Intestinal Worms, Head Lice


Blood Types:

Your Sims can now have blood types! I redid this mod because I wasn’t happy that the first one took up a trait slot. Blood types are divided into two categories. There is:


RH Positive and RH Negative

Both of them are A, B, O, and AB, the RH factor determines whether positive or negative.


I also added some blood disorders, there is currently four of them in the game.

  • Diabetes
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Blood Clots
  • Anemia 


Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this stupidly long desc. Anyways I hope to add more soon, and I would love to see your suggestions!! 🙂



  1. ayla

    I followed the directions EXACTLY to a T and it will not show up in my game play at all. I’m bummed out!

  2. Lillie

    I downloaded this and everything correctly, but my sims can get sick etc, but I can’t purchase medication to make them feel better or anything

  3. DDS

    I am trying to download this, however a new window appears and it says “file not found”.

    • admin

      Hi DDS,

      Thank you for flagging this issue. We have updated the link and it should work now.



  4. AYLI

    I followed directions and I cant find it in game 🙁

  5. Sam

    Curious how this mod works? I gave a sim ADHD and did not notice a change in learning. I also gave them cancer and they have been in Stage I for like a sim week and no updates. Do they actually get worse? die?

  6. Maddie

    why can my sim not receive treatment??

  7. Lilly

    Signing up for the checkup never works. and they cant get treatment. It doesnt do anything except give them the mood change for their diagnosis

  8. Jazi

    This is probably stupid but how do I access the pie menu?

  9. Ashley

    My sim has cancer, how do I send him to the doctor? I tried the annual checkup on the computer and nothing happened, he just sat at the computer for a couple of sim hours.

  10. AJ Cat

    This may be unrealistic, but I think that most of the illnesses in this mod would work better as traits than as moodlets.

  11. Eunoia

    I followed the intrusions correctly and tried doing it multiple times, still it didn’t show up in my game. (Using MAC btw.)

  12. jf

    everyone saying it doesn’t show up, you have to assign the illnesses under actions

  13. Schottmüller

    ist das deutsch?

  14. marz

    how exactly is my sim supposed to get cancer treatment if i cant send them to the doctor? thanks

  15. Ash

    I won’t work helppp

  16. jaleya beauregard

    it never showed up in my game how can this be fixed? please respond

  17. Bayda

    how do i get treatment ?

  18. Bee Anderton

    i downloaded and my sim has diabetes, but can’t get treatment! looking at the comments i don’t see any response from creator, I just hope they’re reading and adjusting to fix bugs. Such a great mod just needs help.

  19. Gigi

    I agree with all the comments above. It is a great idea but is not working properly. I get the pie menu under the actions tab, but when my sim is ill there is no solution for it. I would love to see it fixed, but I’ll have to delete it for now.

  20. Gamavon

    I love the mod so far! As someone who has asthma, PTSD, anxiety, and Autism it makes me happy to add some reality to the game. Are there inhalers that the sims can take for their asthma or pills for their PTSD? If not, I think that would make a great addition!

    I do also agree that having these as traits more than moods is a great idea as well (especially paired with the more traits mod).

    Thank you!

  21. simmy

    Hey, I´m trying to download this mod and it all worked until the point where I want to click on my sim. The whole menu that would show up when I clicked on the sim is missing which is a pitty. Do you know why this could happen?

  22. CherryPie

    So for those having trouble with menus appearing, I deleted the extra file from unzipping, and it worked.
    So after unzipping you get a file called SM-Health-Overhaul_MOD_V1 and a string of numbers/letters. If you open it there’s another file without the string of extra characters. Put the file WITHOUT the extra character string into the mods folder. It should hopefully work after that. You can delete the empty file WITH the string.

  23. Jaleya Beauregard

    Hi I downloaded this mod and it’s not working I’ve tried everything can you do a updated version?

  24. Sierra

    is there a cheat so you can give your sims cancer? or any other deseases when you want?

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