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Sims 4 Asperger Trait


Created for: The Sims 4

Sims with Asperger Trait have normal to above-average intelligence but typically have difficulties with social skills and often have pervasive, absorbing interests in special topics.

Loud Noises : Sims who listen to loud music get very stressed. It can help to make an entry in the journal book. (Parenthood is needed for the Journal Book interaction)

Conversations : Asperger Sims will feel uncomfortable trying to socialize, they will develop relationships with other Sims more slowly.

Playing Instrument : When your Sim starts practicing a musical instrument, they’ll focus on it and most likely make it to a hobby.

Collector : Asperger Sims have one thing they like very much, they like to collect unusual objects. Send your Sim to the beach and collect some seashells for example. (Island Living is needed for this Interaction)

I have also include some Whims for your Sims.

if you have any ideas that I could Include in an update just let me know 🙂

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