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The Sims 4 MOD: Healthy Lifestyle trait

This is my first CAS trait, so I wanted to create something for the “health conscious” sims. These sims care about their physical and mental well-being. You’ll often find them working out, jogging, doing yoga, and grilling healthy foods. They get energized often, and just love life!

Gain +1 Happy buff “Taking care of that body” from working out on multiple machines, playing basketball, swimming, etc.
Gain +2 Happy buff “Healthy eating” from cooking healthy food.
Gain +2 Energized buff “Swimming”
Gain +2 Happy buff “Ahh. Yoga” from practicing and doing yoga routines
Gain +1 Bored buff “Watching Television” Sims with this trait don’t tend to like television. *Note: Sims receive the “bored” moodlet, however, I could not figure out how to affect their “fun” meter, therefore they will still gain a little fun by watching tv.
Gain +4 Uncomfortable “Being tired” from being overtired. These sims don’t like missing their sleep; their muscles need to recover from their workouts!
Gain +2 Energized “Being a healthy Sim” from having this trait


Buy a workout machine
Do a dance workout
Workout on a workout machine
Do a yoga routine
Buy a yoga mat
Go swimming
Cook a gourmet meal
Grill chicken
Grill veggie burgers
Prepare Caprese salad
Prepare Herb-Crusted Salmon
Go for a jog
Level-up Fitness skill
Level-up Wellness skill
Use a punching bag
Discuss fitness
Travel to the gym
Play basketball
Buy a meditation stool
Drink lemon honey ginger detox tea
Meditate on the meditation stool
Prepare Superfood salad
Prepare Sugar Free Carob cake

Sims gain cooking, fitness, and wellness skills at a slightly faster rate.

These sims also lose hunger at a slower rate, making it so they do not have to eat as much.

Please let me know if you have any other ideas for this trait! I would eventually like to update it so sims with this trait have a slightly longer lifespan, but I have no idea how to do that yet!

**Note, this trait goes well with my custom Modeling career, because Sims gain fitness faster and may become energized and confident!

Images: By me
Credit to Zerbu for the Sims 4 Mod Constructor (Beta version) You’re awesome!


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