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The Sims 4 MOD: Hates Cats/Dogs/Pets Traits

Here are some new traits I’ve been working on that are related to Pets! They took me a while as I couldn’t figure out how to use the Sims 4 Studio but now they’re finished! (Thanks to AuroraDamaris for suggesting these!)

As these traits rely on pets you will need the Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack to use these traits!

There are three different types of Lifestyle traits; Hates Cats, Hates Dogs and Hates Pets. As the name suggests Sims with the Hates Cats trait become uncomfortable talking to cats, dogs for the Hates Dogs trait and Hates Pets is a combination of both!

These traits can be used with Cat Lover and Dog Lover but they will conflict with each other. The same goes for if Sims have the Animal Aspiration and the Animal Affection trait from it!

Sims with the Hates Cats trait gets a +4 Uncomfortable Buff when interacting with cats;

Sims with the Hates Dogs trait gets a +3 Uncomfortable Buff when interacting with dogs;

Sims with the Hates Pets trait gets a +4 Uncomfortable Buff when interacting with cats and dogs;

These traits don’t affect skills or career performance in any way! There are also no specific whims associated with them, just the general whims that generate when Sims are in an uncomfortable mood.

Additional Credits:
Made via Zerbu’s Mod Constructor V3 and Sims 4 Studio


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