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The Sims 4 MOD: Gamer Trait

This was one of my favourite traits back when the game first came out and I was so frustrated when it would no longer work in game, so here is my version of it.

Gives a 2+ Buff to Happy when playing video games, which also includes Void Critters for children and Arcade Machines.


These Sims just love to play games! Sims with this trait have a passion for games, whether it‘s on the computer or their favourite console. Alternative realities help them escape the stress of the real world.


~ Become Focused
~ Buy a Motion Gaming Rig
~ Buy a New Computer
~ Buy a Video Game Console
~ Earn x Amount from Video Gaming Tournaments
~ Enter a Gaming Tournament
~ Enter a Gaming Tournament on the Video Gaming Console
~ Play a Computer Game
~ Play a Motion Game
~ Play a Tablet Game
~ Play {Game Name}
~ Play Video Games
~ Play Video Games for an hour
~ Research Video Games
~ Win a Multiplayer
~ Livestream a Game
~ Watch a Gaming Livestream
~ Gain 50 Livestream Fans
~ Level up in Video Gaming Skill
~ Buy a Voidcritter Starter Pack
~ Find a Voidcritter
~ Battle a Friend

Skill Increases:

~ Increases Video Gaming Skill 1.25x faster

Career Performance:

~ Tech Guru career performance increases 1.25x fatser


~ Fun also decreases at a slower rate (0.75) and Sims with this trait gain fun faster (1.15 faster.)

Made with game version (Pets Compatible!)

Additional Credits:
Made via Zebru’s Mod Constructor V3, check them out!


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