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The Sims 4 MOD: Capricorn Trait

Bookworm: inspired when reading something +1 , Duration : 240 Cooldown: 120
Punctual Worker: focused +1 when At Work, Duration: 240 Cooldown: 120

when Confident, Sims with the Capricorn trait are more likely to roll the whims practice speaking in mirror, & start a new career when Confident; Hide under covers, emotional meltdown / Cry when Embarrassed; play computer, read something, watch tv when Bored; Sims with the Capricorn trait will likely roll the whims Start Angry painting, troll web forums, bad manners/swear, emotional meltdown/tantrum, teens will roll listen to loud music, &Toddlers will be more likely to roll Hit stuffed animal, throw tantrum or fit.

Trait Description:
“Capricorns are cool, calm, self-disciplined and possess a powerful inner strength that raises them to the top through sheer perseverance. There personalities of astrology signs love power, respect and authority. They are prudent, conservative, very practical and responsible.
What they show on the outside, may not be how things really are on the inside. But, rest be assure a Capricorn personality is firmly grounded in reality, and is the voice of reason even in chaos. As long as a Capricorn has a sense of duty and purpose, they are happy.”


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