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The Sims 4 Career: Ultimate SBA Baller

*** Tested with Seasons and Game Version (July 31, 2018 Update) ***
PLEASE NOTE: You WILL need the newest Neia Career Commons file (included in download) also!

This career is the companion to my SBA Baller career. It starts off pretty much the same as SBA Baller, but then gives the option for 3 additional career tracks. If you love basketball but want MORE, this one is for you. You can have both this career and the regular SBA Baller in your game with no problems. I made a basketball club and set up a team to back up my Ultimate player. It was fun!

A few words on the pay levels. Their still INSANE by EA standards but they’re researched and reasonably accurate against actual annual pro basketball salaries and the other career tracks as well.

ALSO, when you start the bonus tracks, your pay levels will drop. That isn’t a glitch. Pro ball players make the big Simoleons, but you’re starting over after your career ending injury. The game isn’t really set up for that though. You’ll get the standard message about a raise, but the amount of your raise will be a negative (whatever the drop is). Ironically you still get a bonus though, so still a win.
I tested this thoroughly through all the tracks and while it looks a bit funny, it doesn’t cause any problems and you continue to progress with raises after that as usual. SO, without further ado, on to…

Ultimate SBA Baller
So, you want to be an Sims Basketball Association athlete? These players come in all shapes and sizes, from natural shooters such as Kyle Korver to athletes determined to increase their career longevity such as Willie Green. But the recipe is simple: efficiency, readiness and a grasp of system basketball. You want the mega Simoleons, the fame and the big endorsements? You need grit. You need hustle. You’ve gotta WANT it playah!

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