Purchase Medicine From Phone




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From now on you can conveniently order all medicines and care products in one place and add them directly to your inventory! Doctors and all other medical staff (Get To Work EP required) have a 25% discount on the purchase! All items can be ordered on the mobile phone without recipe.

This mod includes all items from:

Sim 4 Base Game & all packs of all kinds released to date;
Automatic Sunburns mod by Flerb;
Automatic Beards mod by Flerb;
Basemental Drugs mod (excluding illegal drugs);
Deadly Dickensian Sicknesses mod by Zero;
Deadly Poisons Mod by Andirz.
Hormone Replacement Therapy mod by Zero;
Mental Health mod by Zero;
Mirai’s Clash with Reality mod;
Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul mod by Lumpinou;
Private Practice mod by SimRealist;
Real Life mod by Melunn;
Redux Healthcare mod by a.deep.indigo;
Sims Traits Pack for Cats & Dogs mod by ilkaSimming;
Wicked Whims mod by TurboDriver;
Wonderful Whims mod by TurboDriver.


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