No Holidays Failure Drama




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Tired of your Sims all starting to cry at the same time after the unsuccessful holiday and just like that all stopping at the same moment miraculously cured? No more!

Here’s a little mod that ends the bad holiday drama and adds a bit of personality to the Sims. I’m tired of the whole household crying all day after a holiday that I canceled and then stopping at the same time as if they were all robots. Where is the individuality? Now there are different emotions: fine, bored, sad, stressed, tense and angry. And that with different durations and intensities, losing out on personal characteristics!

The mod replaces the uniform sad buff that the Sims all receive if they have not successfully completed a holiday with several buffs with different moods. Personal reaction is affected by various personality, gameplay or hidden traits.

The Seasons Expansion pack is required!

If you have other packs, some other traits can also influence the behavior. Kuttoe’s emotional traits and Vicky Sims 100 Base Game traits are also supported.


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