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The main feature of the mod is the SimSim Online Store. The application is immediately available on all computers, laptops, tablets, smart hubs and mobile phones. Do you have no internet or do you prefer life off the grid? No problem, because the orders can also be placed by calling the SimSim Hotline. Phone not working? No problem either, because SimSim Market also accepts all orders by paper mail orders.

All sorts of items that can end up in a sim inventory are offered for sale. Everything goes into the sim inventory right after ordering. There is no delivery by post! I can’t control that, it’s an EA limitation! The only way I can change this is by overriding the game objects. But I don’t want to do that as a matter of principle, as it can lead to conflicts with other mods!

SimSim Online Store
The application has an account management. In order to shop, your Sims should first create an account (it’s very quick). There is also a premium membership that offers some additional features. All kinds of goods are available to you in the online shop, not only from the Dase Game and all expansions, but also from many popular mods.

Some items are in the special shop category Bonuses & Specials which is only available for premium customers. There are currently three sub-sections:

Supernatural with all occult goods (moved from the normal purchase section);
Potions & Serums with (almost) all possible magic drinks from the game;
SimSim Rough with adult and illegal goods.
Some areas (e.g. hard drugs) are initially hidden. In order to discover this, one must first research on the internet how to get to SimSim Dark Web. There is also a small new minor skill. This skill can be developed through research on a PC or tablet. Sims with certain traits can do it faster than the others. At the moment it is still rudimentary. I will continue to expand on this in future updates.

There is also a Financial Center in the application. First is the processing of small loans. An upper limit (up to 10,000 Simoleons) was introduced for taking out a small loan. Your shopaholic but penniless Sims can now apply for an instant loan to get what they want. The balance is automatically matched to your debt (you need the university extension for this functionality). You can then pay off the loan directly in the application.

In addition, Plopsy is now also integrated into the SimSim application. However, to shop on Plopsy you don’t need a SimSim account (like before) because I didn’t overwrite any EA resources!

Shopping Buff System

After purchasing any goods in the online store, Sims can receive various emotions buffs: from enthusiasm to boredom. Some reactions are based on personal traits (e.g. if Sims who hate children pile up kid stuff, they’re bored), or depending on other circumstances, some are random. This shopping buff system was greatly expanded with the last update (3.3.0), but is still in test mode. Please let me know if your Sims’ reactions are appropriate!

Call Center & Hotline
Whaaaaaat? Advertising? Of course! What kind of online store is this if it doesn’t annoy you about its call center! But sometimes there are nice surprises and gifts for special occasions! The hotline is now actually interactive! The new Call Center and Hotline Game Play took me a little more time, as I learned a lot of new things this time, namely how the calls (the so-called Drama Node Tuning) are implemented in the game. The longer mod test time is also the result of this, since it also takes a lot of time to run the game. Now I’m finally satisfied with the result and I’m curious to see how it goes in your game. This game play is still in test mode. Please tell me what you think about it! Also tells if the calls are being made too infrequently or too often. I can adjust it if necessary in the next update!


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