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Tired of your Sims who dream of being an actor finally enrolling in university to become a drama major diploma and then learning absolutely nothing about acting throughout university time and finaly needing to take an elective course to get at least a bit of acting experience to collect?

This simple overriding mod overrides the tuning of four different courses from Discover University’s Drama Degree and replaces the original skills with the Acting Skill. Yeah!

In the original game, your Sims learn 5x Charisma, 5x Comedy and even 2x Fitness! Isn’t it too much charisma and does everyone have to be a comedian? In my version there are now 4x Charisma, 3x Comedy, 4x Acting and 1x Fitness. In detail, the following changes have been made:

Course A: Charisma
Course B: Charisma
Course C: Comedy
Course D: Comedy
Course E: Fitness
Course F: Charisma
Course G: Charisma
Course H: Comedy ➜ Acting
Course I: Comedy ➜ Acting
Course J: Fitness ➜ Acting
Course K: Comedy
Course L: Charisma ➜ Acting
No course content has been changed. I only changed the assigned skills in the places where it fits best according to the course description.

Two Mod Variants
There are two variants of this mod:

A – Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack required.
B – Sacrificial’s Road To Fame mod required.
Please do not install both variants as they are not compatible with each other!

Also, in the Road To Fame variant, I replaced the EA Acting Skill in the Acting Elective Course with Road To Fame Acting Skill, so that you can then also take Acting Class as an Elective Course if you don’t have a Get Famous EP and use the Road To Fame mod instead owns.

Required Terms
-Discover University Expansion Pack is required!
-Get Famous Expansion Pack is recommended.
-If you don’t have Get Famous, Road To Fame mod is required.


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