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The Sims 4 Career: The Adventurer Career

Available for download at Mod The Sims

This career isn?t an authentic archaeology career but is instead more of a fantasy archaeology career inspired by Indiana Jones and the like which is why it?s called the Adventurer Career. This career will require several trips to Selvadorada but luckily you get a lot of vacation days right from the start. At promotion level 7 it branches into two other career paths: Educator and Museum Caretaker because at some point you?ve got to get out of the dirty tombs full-time and find a lucrative desk job where you can still go globetrotting on the side just when you feel like it.

I have also made this career compatible with Discover University. Get a certain degree and you can jump to one of the two career branches! (I split that part of the mod into another package so that it?s optional incase you don?t have University or don?t want that functionality for some reason.) This career does however require the Jungle Adventure Game Pack so keep that in mind.

Here are the features currently included in this career mod:

There are six lower career levels then it progresses to two branches with four career levels each.Has benefits for Sims who have the Adventurous trait, have completed the two Jungle Adventure related Aspirations, and have the Frequent Traveler lifestyle.Most career levels include themed, related promotion tasks.Each career level promotion includes both a monetary bonus and an object reward.Includes an optional addon mod for Discover University so that earning a degree in either Art History or History will jumpstart the Sim at one of the two career branches with enhanced pay and benefits.The career begins with a large amount of vacation days so that you are able to spend plenty of time in Selvadorada achieving career goals and gaining needed skills. Vacation days are also quicker to accumulate than in most careers.

Here are all the career?s levels and branches:

Jungle Explorer – 15/hr 12hrs MTWTF – You start out at the bottom, in the mud and the muck of the Belomisia Jungle as you explore and find your way into the good graces of both your employers and the locals. You must study the local culture and learn the science of archaeology to make your way into a more exciting, and better paying, position.Dig Site Surveyor – 30/hr 10hrs MTWTF – You’ve been promoted! Slightly. Your new job is to search the land for prime sites where the people who make more money than you can dig for artifacts! It might be a good idea to continue working on your archaeology skills and don’t forget to continue paying your respects to the locals by learning their customs.Field Archaeologist – 45/hr 10hrs MTWT – You’ve been studying hard and have finally become a proper archaeologist. Now it’s time to grab that trowel and start scraping away lots of dirt, one small layer at a time, from ancient debris. It’s tedious, time-consuming work but the rewards shall be great indeed. Assuming you don’t accidentally destroy something. Then we’ll fire you.Relic Hunter – 75/hr 8hrs MWF – No longer a boring archaeologist cataloging as they scrape at the dirt, now your sole focus is the artifacts! Do whatever it takes to find them. Lots of them. Keep digging like mad until you reach your goals and then you’ll never have to get in the dirt again, promise! Make sure you pay your respects to the locals as you are basically looting their distant ancestors’ graves.Expedition Guide – 125/hr 12hrs TFSS – You’ve proven you know how to navigate the jungle and its dangers on your own. Now can you take random, and rich, vacationers on short jaunts through the jungle for money and status? Keep them safe and try not to dry-gulch any of them and we’ll promote you to being on your own again! You might work on your guide book writing skills to share your knowledge with others. Just a thought.Temple Raider – 225/hr 8hrs MWF – It’s time to start raiding the lost temple… if you haven’t already. Come prepared with plenty of adventuring supplies and examine each trap thoroughly before proceeding through the temple rooms. Now that you have mastered Selvadoradian culture, why don’t you write a travel guide or two to share your expertise? Just make sure you share your fortune and glory with us.Educator Track:History Teacher – 300/hr 6hrs MTWTF – This isn’t a nightmare, you really are back in High School but this time YOU’RE the teacher. History teacher that is. Teach your pubescent brats well and continue to study hard so you can be promoted out of here quickly. Just keep you confidence high and remember that YOU are in charge in this classroom. At least, you are supposed to be.Lecturer – 450/hr 6hrs MTTF – You have studied hard and continue to climb the educator job ladder to become a lecturer. I hope you enjoy public speaking! Now your job is to give lectures on ancient history and culture to a room full of university under-grad students. Be confident in yourself and your source materials. The last thing you want is to draw a blank in the middle of a long lecture!Assistant Professor – 650/hr 6hrs MTTF – Congratulations are in order. As an assistant professor, you finally have tenure! Your job now will be to teach your specialty while also delving into the world of historical and archaeological research. Continue to gain experience in this position and it won’t be long before you reach the top of the educational hierarchy.Professor of Archaeology – 950/hr 6hrs MTTF -Professor, I presume? You are now the senior educator at this prestigious university. You now do it all; publish books, appear in television specials, advise on movies, and, oh yeah, teach! The fortune and glory is all yours now. Well done, Professor! Museum Caretaker Track:Procurement Specialist – 350/hr 6hrs MWFS – In some ways, you’ve already been a procurement specialist only now you’re supposed to be doing it by the book. Your job is to acquire new antiquities for the museum, legally and above board of course. You will need to assess and authenticate the artifacts before purchasing them for the museum.Artifact Conservator – 425/hr 8hrs MTTF – As a conservator it will be your responsibility to manage, restore, and catalog the many artifacts that you previously procured. Sounds a little boring after what all you have been doing, doesn’t it? Well, the pay sure is better and there’s no bugs!Exhibit Curator – 500/hr 8hrs MWFS – As curator it is your job to design, install, and maintain the artifact installations. The Selvadoradian Exhibit is your responsibility now. Make it look spectacular and procure more artifacts, in any way you deem appropriate, to improve the exhibit and bring in more curious visitors which will bring in more donations so we can continue to exist.Director of Museum – 850/hr 6hrs MWF – You have finally made it to the top. You are the Director in charge of this museum. Everything is under your direct control and everything is your responsibility. The greater authority comes with greater perks and income. It’s as I have always believed… You belong in a museum!

Here are the optional Discover University Addon features:

An Art History Degree will give you a jumpstart on the Museum Caretaker career track with enhanced benefits and pay.A History Degree will give you a jumpstart on the Educator career track with enhanced benefits and pay.The better the degree you earn (distinguished, with honors, etc.) the better your career benefits will be.Please read the notes further down on this page about overrides and conflicts in regards to this addon.

v1.0 – Career’s initial release here at Mod the Sims!

This mod includes custom made icons and screenshots. Please do not reuse them in other mods. Thank you.

None yet! Would you like to contribute one?

The main career mod shouldn?t conflict with anything and has no overrides but the University addon does override a main careers tuning file which is listed below. If you have any other mods altering that file then do not use the University addon or delete those other mods as installing all at the same time will cause a conflict. The overridden file in question is ?03B33DDF!00000000!

Additional Credits:
I created this career mod using the Mod Constructor v4 by Zerbu. I also utilized Sims 4 Studio for countless edits so thank you to the team behind that program as well!


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