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The Sims 4 MOD: Social Services Career

Hey guys, Missmani09 (MAHN-NEE, like money)
I am SO excited because this is my VERY FIRST MOD!
Ok straight to the point. I created this mod because base game careers are too unrealistic.
I work in Social Services in real life, so I decided to create a Sim version Social Services career.

The Department of Sim Social Services (DSS) is the largest Sim Social Services agency.
Sim Social Services aim to promote the welfare of Sims in every world.
Employees work hard to ensure Sim citizens are healthy, safe and enjoying a high quality of life.
Often, that means providing a safety net for the most vulnerable Sim residents in every world.
Families or individual Sims facing difficult times may need assistance to get back on their feet.

Sims may apply for a vast array of services
(Sims can apply to Spintherism’s Welfare For Sims online for added realism.)
The Department of Sim Social Services provides Sims with some of the following programs:
SimKids Health Insurance, (SKI)
Sim Food Assistance Program (SFA, or formerly Sim Stamps),
Transitional Sim Employment Assistance (TSA) and
Working Sims Medicaid.
Aged Sim Healthcare (ASH)

Additionally, Sim Social Services protects children who have been abused or neglected; finds adoptive homes for foster children; regulates Sim childcare facilities; supports high-quality Sim early childhood education; and supports nonprofit, Sim community clubs that depend on volunteers to continue programs vital to the Sim communities.

Side note: Did you know that through a blend of Sim Worlds’ government funds, Sim Social Services funds every newborn Sim with bassinets – free of charge.

Mod INFO —- Social Services Career Tracks
*Please note, this career does not yet have chance cards*

Now, like I said this is my FIRST ever mod. So go gentle on me in the comment section
Also, I am VERY new to modding. I am looking into making chance cards. If someone would like to help me out with that, or have ideas, send me a PM.

Have ideas? PM Me! I’d like to create an option for Sims to “apply for medicaid” in game.
Soooo many thanks to >>> NEIA

Languages available
If you are playing in another language, all the texts will appear in English.
You are welcome to make changes for another language.

Unzip it into your Mod folder and don’t forget to enable script mods (Game Options > Other)

Game version used :

Neia’s Self Employment Career will conflict with this mod
Please report any other issues! Send me screenshots as well if needed.

Create a Career Tool by Neia
S4PE by Kuree
TheSimKid for Icon package
InABadRomance (for random pose picture I found on internet)
Spintherism for inspiring me to create my real-life career


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