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The Sims 4 Career: Psychologist Career

Your advisory teacher from High School talked to you about this course once, he said you had a natural talent with people and that you might enjoy studying a bit more about them. It was a very touching conversation that made becoming a Psychologist one of your dreams.. but you got a scholarship to attend this well-known school and you are so happy but! Now there’s so many options! You never knew Psychology had so many areas to explore!

Hello! Here I am again with a new career! I have been interested in Psychology ever since high school and this career was really fun to make! I ended up putting my love for Psychology all over this career.. it’s very obvious in the descriptions I think.. sowwy!

Anyway.. I’m quite happy with this career! I researched a bit so that the career could include all sorts of tasks/jobs that I was always really curious about and I tried to make it as realistic as possible, but ofc expect one or two things that don’t fit quite right.

Your sim will start as a Psychology scholarship student, with the first four levels being classes on a few different areas of Psychology that will result on a Internship on Psychology and Social Services. After that your sim will be able to select one of two branches: Counseling Psychology or Forensic Psychologist.

The career is enabled for teens, the first 4 levels are very school-friendly with work hours starting after school (all at 4PM). However, I would recommend you make a huge birthday party for your sim (age him/her to young adult) before the “Internship” promotion hits because after that the schedules overlap and you’ll end up missing school (or work if you go to school). I tested it a bit with a few different schedules before I just decided to not care about it anymore.. I noticed that skipping school hits the grades really hard!

This career mod was created and tested with

You are required to have Spa Day game pack because of the Wellness skill.

You’ll need to put all files from the zip in your mods folder, except the “Neia_Careers_Commons.package” if you already have it.

I hope you enjoy playing with your Psychologist Sims!


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