Office Assistant Career (Part Time)

CREATED BY Marduc_Plays


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The Sims 4 Career: Office Assistant Career (Part Time)

I’ve created this part time career for all those sim-moms and -dads whose children reached school age, and that would otherwise hang around bored at home until their little tyra… eh i mean loved ones, return home from school.

Just like a classic part time job for teens and elders, it only has three levels and pays out in the medium sector of those jobs.

This mod was created with Neias Create-A-Career Tool Beta, so no chance cards, rewards or job outfits.

Sims Patch Version:

Office Assistant (Part Time)
After staying home for “family business” for quite a while now, you think it’d be nice to get back to work for a few hours a day, talking to other adults, and earning some money again.


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