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The Sims 4 Career: Fitness Instructor Career

NB! This is my first career, so if you notice any mistakes, please do let me know and Ill do my best to fix them!

Combine your passion for fitness and teaching into a career! Starting with only a few classes per week you can choose to become a Fitness Club Owner or a Celebrity Personal Trainer if you are willing to put the work in. Keep learning new formats and work on your fitness, wellness, and charisma skills to build up your classes and get ready to bring home the big bucks.

Im a part time fitness instructor, so I wanted to create a career for my sim-self. This one has two branches Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. Its a rabbit hole career and has 10 levels of which 5 are shared and starting from the 6th you will have to choose a branch.

You may notice that some of the hourly wages seem odd, but please take into account that the work hours do change a lot, so the daily wages make a bit more sense.

Requirements: The Sims 4 Spa Day and Outdoor Retreat

Level 1 Substitute Fitness Instructor
Congratulations, you received your fitness instructor certificate! Now what? You reached out to nearby sports clubs and studios and they will call you when they need substitute instructors. Make sure to learn your fitness skill to prepare for your very first classes.

Level 2 Beginner Fitness Instructor
You have proven yourself to your fitness club and clients, and your club has offered you your own permanent classes in the time table. Keep improving your fitness and charisma skills to make your classes even more enjoyable for your clients.

Level 3 – Aerobics Instructor
You have come to realise that the road to success in the fitness world includes many different certifications, so you could appeal to all kinds of Sims. Aerobics is the easiest to master and attracts a lot of Sims. Even though you are becoming more and more popular, you need to think one step ahead and better start practicing mat based workouts.

Level 4 – Pilates Instructor
You added yet another class in your time table and your clients love it! The Pilates method works your Sims whole body, gives them nice lean muscles, and increases their body control and flexibility. As your clients start getting into the mind & body classes, you better start practicing yoga to offer even more variety.

Level 5 – Yoga Instructor
Congratulations! You have earned your yoga certification and added even more classes. Your clients truly love you! But you still have a long way to go, so you need to work on your skills even more. You love teaching groups, but at the same time you want to give personal attention to each of your clients. Unfortunately, even you cant do it all at once. You have important decisions ahead of you.

Group Fitness Instuctor Path

Level 6 – Professional Group Fitness Instructor
You are one of the most experienced instructors in the club and you are paid accordingly. You are teaching all formats imaginable and your bubbly personality makes your classes irresistible to anyone! Your clients are inviting all their friends to your classes as well, and you are becoming the most popular instructor in the city.

Level 7 – Celebrity Group Fitness Instructor
You are so popular than even celebrity Sims have heard of your amazingly effective and fun classes. Your studio booked you a special class exclusively for the most famous celebrities around! Of course, that means that you will make even more simoleons than ever before. After all, you are one of the Sims behind their success and deserve all the recognition you can get.

Level 8 – Master Trainer
You know absolutely everything about teaching successful fitness classes and its high time you shared that knowledge with others. As a Master Trainer, your job is to teach new instructors who are aspiring to become just like you one day. Your work days are incredibly long, but hopefully the big bucks can compensate it.

Level 9 – Fitness Club Manager
Your fitness club has realised that they cant function without you and you have been promoted to Club Manager. Your job includes planning out the class time tables and special events, making sure that all the clients and instructors are happy, and you still make time to teach a few classes too, because this is where your passion truly lies.

Level 10 – Fitness Club Owner
You have made it the very top! You now own the same fitness club where you started out many years ago. You can delegate your tasks to others, so your working hours are a bit more humane again, but your pay is higher than ever. Dont feel bad though, you know that you have worked so hard to get here and deserve every single simoleon. Keep making your clients happy to insure the success of your club!

Personal Trainer Path

Level 6 – Gym Trainer
You have decided to give your undivided attention to one Sim at a time. Being a Gym Trainer is the first step to becoming a Personal Trainer. Keep working on your skills to make sure your clients want to come back to you.

Level 7 – Beginner Personal Trainer

Congratulations, you received your personal trainer certificate! Your hourly pay is quite high, but you dont have a lot of clients yet, so you only work a few hours at a time. You should learn herbalism to receive your nutritionist certification, so Sims would have even more reason to become your clients.

Level 8 – Nutritionist
In addition to providing your clients with the best fitness advice, you are also a certified Nutritionist and can sell meal plans that you have carefully put together specially for each and every Sim. Your job is to make your clients LOOK and FEEL amazing, so they would recommend you to their friends too!

Level 9 – Professional Personal Trainer
You have proven yourself to your clients and they cant stop talking about your workout and meals plans on Simstagram. Now that you have more clients, you must work more hours, but you also get paid more for it. Keep up the good work and soon you have the whole town looking healthy and strong!

Level 10 – Celebrity Personal Trainer
Your amazing abilities have not gone unnoticed by the hottest celebrity Sims, who are now begging you to take them as your clients. You have reached the top of the top, but dont get lazy now your work is never done, because every season new celebrities are popping out like mushrooms after rain and they need your help!

Hourly pay

Daily pay



I currently only have the texts in English. If youd like to help with some of the translations, please contact me and we can make it happen

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