Cubic’s Education Career

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The Sims 4 Career: Cubic’s Education Career

This is a new education career for your sims to enjoy. It is a rabbit-hole career, meaning your sims will walk off the lot and disappear (like the base game careers). The screenshots are just for your imagination and they used on the career menu and the track selection. The Education career offers two tracks: Teaching and Administration.
It focuses on the Logic skill mostly but the Administration track also has a bit of Charisma as you would need people skills to perform well in that career.
Unfortunately the Create-A-Career Tool is still new and does not feature chance cards/reward objects yet. If those are added in the future, I might update this mod to include them. For now, it acts as a standard career though. Every level has a full description. (hover over the education icon in the career panel) Some job descriptions were used from The Sims 3 and The Sims 2. The wages should be scaled right to match other careers in-game, but if you think anything should be changed please tell me! Also tell me if you find any bugs as this is my first mod.

This career mod is available in English and Spanish (Español). If anyone is interested in translating it, message me.

Special thanks to Razei for the Spanish translation.

Career Levels/Promotion Paths:


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