Bookstore Clerk Part-time Career (from Sims3)

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The Sims 4 Career: Bookstore Clerk Part-time Career (from Sims3)

You were always a dreamer and books were your pathway to all the new worlds you could explore. After years of trying you finally managed to get the one job you always wanted at the best bookstore in town! Now you can be surrounded by books all day! But please remember you just can’t leave customers hanging so you can find out how that bestseller ends! Your boss might just not let that go if it happens a few too many times…

Hello again! I’m a huge book lover and my Writer Sim was in need of a part-time job to sustain her writing time.. so I was working on a career to help her when I remembered this career from S3! It was just what I needed so I pretty much remade it for Sims4. With a few changes here and there to flow better~

The career only has 4 levels and it’s a Monday-Friday/2PM-7PM sort of part-time job.

Mod created with patch version I think you only need base game to play with it, but not totally sure (as I have all packs XD)

To play with the career: You’ll need to put all files from the zip in your mod, except the “Neia_Careers_Commons.package” if you already have it from one of the Neia’s careers. You only need one of those in your mods folder.

I want to eventually do a longer full-time career (maybe Bookstore Owner? I think I need a better name..), but atm I’m working on finishing a Filmmaker career with 2 tracks and I have plans to do a Psychology Career next. >_
So I think my Bookworm Sims will have to wait a bit… >_

Please let me know what you think about the career or if you experience anything weird~ !

More details about the part-time job next!

Cash Register Specialist
Stand firm behind the cash register, but make sure every Simoleon is accounted for! Don’t forget to ask if they want a receipt! Always have a recommendation ready for our curious and lost customers! Do NOT ever EVER leave customers waiting for too long just so you can finish reading that one chapter!
30$, 2PM-7PM, 0.25 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Energized
Skills: Logic 1 Charisma 1

Book Genre Sorter
It’s important for the How-To’s to be properly sorted away from the Science Fiction. You don’t want to confuse the customers! You better not be putting aside your favorite books so you can read them on your breaks!
50$, 2PM-7PM, 0.30 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Inspired
Skills: Logic 2 Handiness 1

Book Club Moderator
Our best customers frequently gather to discuss the Book of the Week, share reading tips, and exchange… poetry. Guide the group in their literary path! Finally you can voice all your opinions!
80$, 2PM-7PM, 0.30 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Inspired
Skills: Charisma 3, Cooking 2

Bookstore Manager
The Book Club was nice but this was what you were born to do! A Bookstore Manager is responsible for planning, organizing and managing most of the bookstore activities. It’s a tough job! But you love it!
114$, 9AM-3PM, 0.25 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Happy
Skills: Writing 1

I hope you have fun playing with it!

Additional Credits:
Neia’s Create-a-Career Tool
S4PE & Python

Career Picture is from a print by Stan Douglas’ from MacLeod’s Books
Edited on Photoshop by me


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