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The Sims 4 Career: Assassin Career

This is a custom Assassin Career, with 10 levels. Only one branch. Currently, there are no chance cards, career rewards, or uniforms (I recommend using sims.modify_career_outfit_in_cas).

Ideal mood is focused.

Levels and Descriptions

Level 1: Crime Scene Cleaner, $9/hour
Sunday-Sunday, 5PM-12AM
PTO/day: 0.2
Objective: Reach Level 2 Logic skill
The definition of a “dirty job.” Dispose of any evidence of wrong doing, whether it’s biological or otherwise. Bleach and thorough, fast work are musts.

Level 2: Receptionist, $13/hour
Monday-Friday, 8PM-4AM
PTO/day: 0.2
Objective: Reach Level 2 Charisma Skill
Be the friendly face to the unassuming vacuum repair shop that serves as the front to a deadly business. A charming smile and charisma will go far.

Level 3: Disguise Designer, $17/hour
Tuesday-Saturday, 9AM-5PM
PTO/day: 0.2
Objectives: Reach Level 3 Fitness Skill, Reach Level 2 Logic Skill
Clothes make the man, and you makes the clothes. Stay away from the cheesy mustaches and stick to the basics. It may seem like a waste of time now, but designing the disguises will help hone skills for the future.

Level 4: Contract Coordinator, $23/hour
Tuesday-Saturday, 5PM-12AM
PTO/day: 0.2
Objectives: Reach Level 4 Fitness Skill, Reach Level 3 Logic Skill
Field all of the requests for “Problem Solving” that this company receives. It’s essential to be able to differentiate the real potential clients from the fuzz, and that requires quite a keen eye. It’s important to keep honing physical skills. They’ll be needed later.

Level 5: Agent Handler, $32/hour
Tuesday-Saturday, 5PM-11PM
PTO/day: 0.25
Objective: Reach Level 5 Logic Skill
Assassins out in the field need support. Targets need to be monitored and escapes need to be planned. That’s where you come in.

Level 6: Arms Expert, $43/hour
Sunday-Friday, 9AM-5PM
PTO/day: 0.25
Objectives: Reach Level 5 Fitness Skill, Reach Level 6 Logic Skill
An unarmed assassin is a weak one. Take this opportunity to become well acquainted with the tools of the trade. The key is getting quality equipment, no matter the cost.

Level 7: Counterfeit Professional, $73/hour
Sunday-Thursday, 5PM-12AM
PTO/day: 0.25
Objective: Reach Level 7 Logic Skill
Those on the job will need help getting past airport security, police checkpoints, and the like. Become great at this or agents will suffer. This is another necessary skill to becoming a master assassin.

Level 8: Apprentice, $200/hour
Sunday-Tuesday, Thursday, 5PM-12AM
PTO/day: 0.3
Objective: Reach Level 7 Fitness Skill
On a good day, you might be allowed to hold a weapon. Most days, follow quietly behind the professionals and keep your mouth shut. If you want to advance, keep developing your wits and physical prowess.

Level 9: Contract Killer, $400/hour
Tuesday-Wednesday, Friday-Saturday, 5PM-11PM
PTO/day: 0.3
Objective: Reach Level 8 Fitness Skill, Reach Level 8 Logic Skill
Finally, something exciting. All of that grueling training was in preparation for this moment. Wits and a cool head are essential to keep jobs running smoothly and avoid detection. Careful but quick work will ensure a long, successful career.

Level 10: Silent Assassin, $500/hour
Tuesday-Wednesday, Friday-Saturday, 5PM-11PM
PTO/day: 0.33
Your services are in extremely high demand and come at great cost. Jobs can be dangerous, but nothing that can’t be overcome with expert skills and quick wits.

Note that if you already have a copy of Neia_Careers_Commons.package, you do not need another copy.

Made with Neia’s Create a Career Tool, found here
Inspired by Heaven’s Assassination Career for the Sims 2


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