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The Sims 4 MOD: Animal Rescue Mod and Career

This is an override tuning mod, meaning everything it does will apply to all sims in game, not just the currently played sim.

The Animal Rescue Mod allows your Sim to become an animal rescuer. They do NOT have to join the custom career for this, its just for added game play and realism.


Putting a pet up for adoption will now grant Simoleans, based on their traits and training level. This is to allow for a way of gaining income with or without the custom animal rescuer career.

Pet Bowl Feeding including Auto Feeder is completely free. Rescuer sims have food donated to them!

All vet bills are half price and spaying is free.

Sims with the dog or cat lover trait that become sad after having a pet adopted, now receive a happy buff for successfully rehoming a rescued pet.

String edit to the pop up text when placing a pet up for adoption.


Your sim only has to leave for work once a week for an hour. They will do this autonomously as usual with a rabbithole career, but if for whatever reason they dont, make them attend work or you will not be paid. Depending on career level, your sim will gain simoleans on returning from work (reimbursed expenses for rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals! Performance gain has been increased to account for the one hour working week.

1 Track, 5 Level Career.

Level 1: Novice Rescuer
Just now you are learning the basics of what is involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of strays around the neighborhoods. You should adopt as many strays as you can, train them, love them and keep them healthy. Once they are ready, you should find them new homes. Once a week you need to collect your reimbursed expenses.
Day: Monday
Mood: Focused
Wage: $450
Objective: Dog Training 1

Level 2: Intermediate Rescuer
Having learned the very basics, you can now begin to work on your own to track down strays that may be in hiding and bring them home. Keep on training your rescued animals and finding them new homes. Don’t forget, you need to collect your reimbursed expenses once a week.
Day: Tuesday
Mood: Energized
Wage: $500
Objective: Dog Training 2

Level 3: Adept Rescuer
By now you should be able to rescue strays with ease, having dealt with a variety of different animal types and personalities. Your training attempts are much more successful and your ability to ensure a safe new home is much improved. Don’t forget, you need to collect your reimbursed expenses once a week.
Day: Wednesday
Mood: Confident
Wage: $550
Objective: Dog Training Level 3

Level 4: Expert Rescuer
You are so skilled at rescuing animals that you can now train other rescuers and direct them in the most effective methods of gaining a stray animals trust. You have a long track record of animals you have given new homes to and are well known for the compassionate work you do. Don’t forget, you need to collect your reimbursed expenses once a week.
Day: Thursday
Mood: Inspired
Wage: $650
Objective: Dog Training Level 4

Level 5: Guru Rescuer
You have surpassed all expectations and never fail to rescue, train and re home stray animals. You travel the country giving seminars on animal rescue and are the most renowned in the career. Don’t forget, you need to collect your reimbursed expenses once a week.
Day: Friday
Mood: Confident
Wage: $750
Objective: Dog Training Level 5


There are two packages and one ts4script file in the mod zip file. If you DO NOT want the custom career, only place the RescuePet.package file into your sims 4 mod folder. If you do want the career, just unzip package and place all three files inside into the mod folder.


Any mods that use the files listed below may conflict.

Additional Credits:
Absolute credit goes to XCHOLEX for their idea which is behind the making of this mod.
Sims 4 Studio
Scumbumbo XML Extractor


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