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The Sims 4 Career: Animal Care Career

Here’s my first career. I’ve been trying my hand at working with Neia’s create-a-career tool!

This is a 10 level career.
Most of the titles/descriptions and the pay/work days/hours are from the Animal Care career in The Sims Unleashed.
I tried to recreate it with a few changes here and there to feel more suited to Sims 4.

I tested it a bit in a new game and it worked well, but if anyone experiences something weird, let me know please~

Mod created with patch version

You’ll need to put all files from the zip in your mod, except the “Neia_Careers_Commons.package” if you already have it.

I hope you enjoy it!

About the career!!!

Animal care workers are a unique group that includes trainers, kennel staff, groomers and other caretakers who oversee every aspect of an animal’s healthy life. Your job consists mainly of working directly with one or more animals to turn them into well-behaved members of our dearest animal society.


Dog Walker
100$/h, 1PM-4PM, 0.25 PTO
Ideal Mood: Confident
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Skills: Dog Training 1
Stoop n’ scoop. Yeah it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Rich people don’t have the time or the heart to walk their own pets, so they pay people like you to do it. Keep the canines on a short leash, and enjoy the short hours.

Pet Groomer
160$/h, 9AM-3PM, 0.25 PTO,
Ideal Mood: Focused,
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Skills: Dog Training 2
You’ve seen the latest fur styles on the rich dogs you walked, now YOU get to define “haut COATure!” Rich people just use pets as social markers, so make their pets look good, and you make THEM look good. Charm the right people and you could go places.

Sheep Custodian
185$/h, 9AM-3PM, 0.30 PTO,
Ideal Mood: Energized,
Work Days: M – W T – S –
Skills: Cooking 1, Charisma 2
Ahhhhh, now this is the good life. One of your rich clients hired you to groom and tend to their prize-winning herd of sheep. Learn to fix things around the ranch as you daydream about life as a Medieval peasant. It’s a lonely existence, but you can always socialize with the sheep.

Aquarium Technician
250$/h, 12PM-6PM, 0.25 PTO,
Ideal Mood: Inspired,
Work Days: M T W T – – –
Skills: Handiness 1, Fitness 2, Fishing 1, Painting 1
You decided to dive right in to a new job. But it’s not all scrubbing and rearranging the clams, you need to feed a variety of weird “foreign” fish their special foods and even put on little shows for the public. Just remember not to put the octopus in with the lobsters.

Zoo Keeper
345$/h, 6AM-12PM, 0.30 PTO
Ideal Mood: Playful,
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Skills: Charisma 3, Handiness 2
Lucky for you, aquarium and zoo employees are part of the same union, so you can transfer without anyone nagging you about “qualifications.” But tending land animals is a bit tougher than aquatic critters. You need to be stronger for one, and you have to perform more pseudo-scientific “edutainment” for the tourists.

Dolphin Trainer
435$/h, 11AM-5PM, 0.30 PTO,
Ideal Mood: Playful,
Work Days: M T – – F S –
Skills: Fitness 3, Logic 3
A talent scout spotted your improv performance with the zoo penguins and hired you as a dolphin trainer! Your job is to teach these noble, sentient creatures how to jump through flaming hoops, pretend to talk, and dress up like pirates. Remember to use both positive and negative reinforcement, just like in the wild.

Animal Acting Coach
560$/h, 9AM-3PM, 0.25 PTO,
Ideal Mood: Confident,
Work Days: M – – – F S –
Skills: Dog Training 3
You would think directing animals in movies would be easier than temperamental humans, but furry thespians have their own special demands: gourmet wet foods, flea-free dressing rooms, and unique make-up challenges. You’ll need to be a personal fitness trainer, private chef and beauty consultant all in one. That’s one hairy job.

Alligator Relocator
650$/h, 2PM-8PM, 0.30 PTO,
Ideal Mood: Focused,
Work Days: – – W – – S S
Skills: Charisma 5, Handiness 3, Fitness 5, Logic 5
Your ability to deal with difficult animals is outstanding, but this job takes it up a notch. To catch an alligator, you’ll need to THINK like one. Luckily, you’ve dealt with lots of people who go through life on a preverbal level, driven by lust, rage, fear and insatiable hunger, so a few lizards should be easy to outsmart.

780$/h, 8AM-2PM, 0.25 PTO,
Ideal Mood: Playful,
Work Days: M T W T – – –
Skills: Charisma 7, Cooking 4, Handiness 4, Dog Training 5
Experience. Understanding. Outlandish fees. Yes, you may not get the prestige that comes from being a REAL doctor, but you get a lot less talk-back from patients, hardly ever get sued, and can still make a bundle of money. Plus, some of the house calls can be pretty wild.

Animal Expert
900$/h, 10AM-4PM, 0.20 PTO,
Ideal Mood: Inspired,
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Skills: Logic 5, Charisma 8, Wellness 3
This is where it has all been leading. Finally, a chance to showcase all your talents, on your own TV program, “The Animal Expert”! The public just can’t get enough of petting tigers and cuddling koalas, levitating monkeys, and that thing you do with the models and snakes. Just don’t miss a performance, and you just might become an institution!

Additional Credits:
Neia’s Create-a-Career Tool
S4PE & Python
Career Picture from AnimalsAustralia
Career Description from Snagajob


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