S-Club WMLL ts4 ASIAN H.S ND skintones1.0


Published October 20, 2017


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S-Club WMLL ts4 ASIAN H.S ND skintones1.0 for The Sims 4

by S-Club

Skintones version Asian for you.

We had draw and research the skin from sept 2014.., with 10000 times of correct/modif the details?Hahaha.

The skintone is from children to elder, male&female, NON DEFAULT REPLACEMENT.

There are CHILDREN(A and B), MALE(A and B) and FEMALE(A and B), 6 versions inside. They are all have differents details(eyes, nose, skincolors etc, etc…) you can find the skintones in SKINDETAIL with their logo : ASIAN HS 1.0 XX.

This time we are edit the alpha texture too, the alpha texture is about 80% for transparence, so that means the texture will overly the eyeshadow, blush, tatoo and gloves as the other HS skintones.

For using makeup, tatoo, and gloves, you can choose our ASIAN BASSIS SKINTONES or FACEMASK.

We had planning to make the makeup that HS version skintones can use too, there will be no overly problem :D, just give us more time to try to do it.

Hope you enjoy our creations, we really working hard 🙂
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ID: SC4-100442


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