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S-Club WMLL ts4 BS3.0 FM skin for The Sims 4

by S-Club

Skin 3.0 for you, there are two versions for male, and two female versions.
Both version A has a muscle look, that means your sims can have a strong look than version B(less muscle).

We work very much on skindetails :
Face, you can see the details of Canthus, Cheek, Cheek bone, Orbicularis oris, Chin, Mandibular contour, Pore.
Body, clavicle, chest, abdomen, back, knee.
etc..finally to have a natural realistic skin effet.

This skin is a non-default skin, it works with all the makeups.
You can find it in Skindetail.

Hope you enjoy with this new skin to creat your sims !

Pleas leave your comments, thanks!

ID: SC4-100144


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