S-Club WMLL ts4 HS3.0 skin All age



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S-Club WMLL ts4 HS3.0 skin All age for The Sims 4

by S-Club

Skin 3.0 for you, all age.

Hello, this is WM,

Hope you are fine :3
From 1.0 to 3.0, I Check the files of our skintones, there are 17Go in total, really a big work hahaha. Can’t finger out how many pictures that LL and me draw, and how many times we edited :D, I think just we love this creation so much that give us a lot of courage!

Bref, let me talk to you this 3.0HS skin,
1. This is a non default skin, you can find it in skin detail.
2. For all age.

3.This time we not only work on the volume of skin, but also on the colors. We research the different area of body and to find which colors should be good for this area, you can see there are cold colors and warm colors on the face and boday this time, to make the skin more details.

4. There are Male skin x 6 versions(4 versions are fix colors, you can not mix colors with the cas colors, other 2 versions can be mixed with cas colors), you will see how it works when you click it.
famale skin is same as male’s.
Children skin has one version, and the colors can be mixed with cas colors.

5. This is an overly skintones, it can be overly the other makeups, but our makeups can show well on this skin, because we had aready edit the layer of our makeups, you can use all of them together without problem.

Hope you like our creation ! Thanks so much !

ID: SC4-100266


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