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S-Club WMLL thesims4 H.S ND skintones2.0 for The Sims 4

by S-Club

Skintones H.S (HIGH SHINE) 2.0 for you, this is a NON DEFAULT REPLACEMENT, there are A and B two versions,
2.0A is a Smooth version, and 2.0B is a Realism version

this time we re-draw all the skin detail(Male/female), you can see more detail from the eyebags, nose.
For the body, the texture is an anatomically correct skins, specially detail for the breasts and buttock.

Because of the limits of the layer of game,
This H.S skintones version can overried 50% of the tatoo, gloves blush and eyeshadow of your sims, cause they share the same level of layer.
People who want to use tatoo, gloves, blush and eyeshadow, please choose BASSIS SKINTONE or FACEMASK.

We do this H.S version cause with this version the skintones can be more delicate and colorful, and can show the better skin luster. Then we can make the differents
sims, let them more rich and colorful.

Thank you.

ID: SC4-100094


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