Pep’s Detailed Skin – Pink Undertone Dark

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Pep’s Detailed Skin – Pink Undertone Dark for The Sims 4

by pepstar2

So I started getting nitpicky again and then went on a two day bender learning how to make skins. This is part two of the results! I made 10 different colors as skin details at first but those apparently have some layering issues, so I’m remaking them all as actual skintones which takes a bit of time since sims skin has highlighting and shading independent of what’s in the texture. Very fun stuff!

This is the darker shade of the pink toned family. There are 5 shades in each of the two tone-families, pink and yellow. The first pic is without makeup, and the second is an example of how makeup works over it!

Since these are an actual skintone, these can be layered with various other creators overlays or other skin details and should work with all makeup and such. Let me know if you encounter any problems since this is my first time making something like this so I’m not sure I’ve done everything perfectly! Thanks much!

Also this was painted over the base of another creators skin, but I forgot to name it once I exported it and promptly forgot. I mostly painted the face, so if anyone recognizes the body (I only did some light editing of the body fixing some seaming issues, so it should be close to the original) right off the bat then let me know! Otherwise I’ll go through my files and try to figure it out to give proper credit.

ID: SC4-124841


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