S-Club ts4 WMLL SHINY Skintones(F)1.0


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S-Club ts4 WMLL SHINY Skintones(F)1.0 for The Sims 4

by S-Club

SHINY Skintones for you .D

This is a shiny/glossy skintone, there are 2 versions, A and B.
A is a Tan version with the alpha texture 80%, B is darker than version A with the alpha texture 70%.

You can see all the new style and details from all over the skintone, the face, the clavicle, chest, abdomen, back, ass, HANDs , foot, etc etc !
This skintone has an effect of light-sensitive, to show a sexy, graceful and solid body for your sims.

Just enjoy with it, leave your comments, thanks !

More pictures on our tumblr.

Please do not modify our texture/mesh without our permission,
Please do not share our ccs in other way.
Thank you.

ID: SC4-100589


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