Alcoholic Trait

CREATED BY TheGraveThief

Published October 21, 2017


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Alcoholic Trait for The Sims 4

by TheGraveThief

A custom trait for S4.

ID: SC4-146963


  1. Laura Mosley

    I have tried this mod a few times but it is not showing up?

  2. brianna

    It was there once and now is never there. I tried deleting and reinstalling and nothing worked

  3. bun bun

    oh wow! now i can make my entire family.. oh wait-

  4. Misa

    Your link on the page that this link takes you to doesn’t work.

  5. Antoine Bilke

    The link that you sent is still not working, is there anything I can do.

  6. Landon

    yeah antoine that link doesnt work either

  7. kendyl

    link is not working. the download button takes me to a page that shows related searches.. very disapointed i cant download

  8. Mike

    all links to this trait are dead.

  9. Kendall Caminiti

    The link is dead and using copy link won’t let me download it either…


    link not working please fix it

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