S-Club ts4 HS Angel skintones(CU) 1.0 for The Sims 4

by S-Club

CU skintones for you, ONLY for children : Girls and boys.

This angel skintone1.0 is a overly skintones as our other HS skintones, with the alpha layer 80% of tranparent, so it works with EA’s colors.

We made 4 differents styles of the skin, two with freckle details, two without. Also, there are more different details from the eyelid, blush and skin veins.

This skintone we draw it as similar as oil painting effet(love Rapheal’s little angel painting), to get the skin more soft.

Bref, hope you enjoy with our CU skintone1.0 leave your comments~

ps : Thanks for Cazy’s lovely girl’s hair , KEWAI’s boy’s cute hair , and OelCakim’s cute girl’s hair~

hope more Cute CU hairs coming soon :3

ID: SC4-100951

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