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The Sims 4 ZENGA

Residential Lot designed by chemy

Available at The Sims Resource

Modern family home having open concept and wonderful outdoor spaces. Main floor has Living room, kitchen with eating bar and a bathroom. Second floor consists of the Master Suite with a very large bathroom and private sundeck, as well as the library/computer room. The third floor is for the children, with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. Outdoors is a large pool, poolside lounging and sunken sitting area with gardens.

Creator Notes

Make sure you have the latest patch installed.
Download the following cc to Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods. Start your game, turn on ‘Script Mods’ then exit, restart game and place the Lot. (all cc must be installed prior to placing the house).

NOTE: I have the Limited Edition of Sims 4, if you have a different version you will have to set your game as follows to see the house appear in your game : Go in My Library, at the bottom of the left columns check “Advanced”, then check “Allow unknown objects” and “Allow custom content”.

Also used the career rewards cheat: bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement and the move objects cheat: bb.moveobjects on

NOTE: some pictures and plants have been resized larger (see pictures). Just click on object then Shift and ] at the same time.

Thank you to the following TSR Artists for their cc:
Click on the “download”

download – Alobi stove
download – Alobi Island counter
download – Alobi fridge
download – Alobi counter 2
download – Alobi cabinet
download – Alobi barstool
download – food processor

download -Bollard short lamp
download – Full bright C lamp

download – Asian shower
download – Toy box
download – Laguna bath towel
download – Laguna square paintings

download – Acacia floor plant
download – Acacia book set
download – Cedar magazine rack
download – Cedar wall cabinet
download – Cedar table plant 2
download – Cedar roller blinds

download – Evening Falls plant
download – Evening Falls shelves
download – Evening Falls coffee table
download – Sea Foam dresser
download – Titania pillows – (under Titania Living Room)

download – Lemingstone garden loveseat
download – Woltex bathtub
download – Woltex end table
download – Woltex sink
download – Woltex seperator
download – Attraction bed
download – Attraction fireplace
download – Attraction bed cushions
download – Attraction bed blanket
download – Modern Friend Teen chair

download – Altara shower mat
download – Altara toilet

ID: SC4-105338


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