Tropical Villa



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The Sims 4 Tropical Villa

Residential Lot designed by chemy

Available at The Sims Resource

A little bit of paradise is what you’ll find in this villa. Enjoy the large pool, lush gardens and beautiful breezy sundecks in this 2 bedroom home. The main floor offers semi open concept with a living room, kitchen bar and dining. As well there’s a bathroom on the main. Located upstairs is a master bedroom and child’s bedroom, each with their own private sundeck and a shared bathroom.

See Creator’s Notes for requirements and cc.

Creator Notes

Make sure you have the latest patch installed.
Download the following cc to Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods. Start your game, turn on ‘Script Mods’ then exit, restart game and place the Lot. (all cc must be installed prior to placing the house).

NOTE: I have the Limited Edition of Sims 4, if you have a different version you will have to set your game as follows to see the house appear in your game : Go in My Library, at the bottom of the left columns check “Advanced”, then check “Allow unknown objects” and “Allow custom content”.

Also used the career rewards cheat: bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement and the move objects cheat: bb.moveobjects on

Thank you to the following TSR Artists for their cc:
Click on the “download”

download Luca & Lola Paintings
download Woltex Dresser
download Bagatelle Double Bed

download Croco Loveseat
download Croco Pillows
download Croco coffee table
download Croco Divider
download Slide Double Bed recolor
download Slide Sofa
download Drop End table

download Outdoor Project Lily Plant
download Outdoor Project Lemonade

download Sea Foam Shelves
download Sea Foam Rug
download Sea Foam Chest
download Evening Falls plant

download Zara Wallpaper
download Zing Wallpaper

download Pure Living Shutter 1 tile
download Pure Living Shutter 2 tile

download Bright C lamp mesh
download Pot single wall light

download Tulton half curtain left
download Tulton half curtain right

download Toy Box

download Simplicity Painting
download Bedroom Cedar Mirror

download Small Palm (item has been resized)

ID: SC4-108530


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