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The Sims 4 ALTARA modern living

Residential Lot designed by chemy

Available at The Sims Resource

A modern family home consists of a sunken kitchen and dining, a loft style living room, music games room, library, master suite, child’s suite and outdoor living. Altara is dedicated to NynaeveDesign, and includes many of the beautiful Altara furnishings that Emi has created as well as beautiful cc from our many talented TSR Artists.

Creator Notes

Make sure you have the latest patch installed.
Download the following cc to Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods. Start your game, turn on ‘Script Mods’ then exit, restart game and place the Lot. (all cc must be installed prior to placing the house).

NOTE: I have the Limited Edition of Sims 4, if you have a different version you will have to set your game as follows to see the house appear in your game : Go in My Library, at the bottom of the left columns check “Advanced”, then check “Allow unknown objects” and “Allow custom content”.

Also used the career rewards cheat: bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement and the move objects cheat: bb.moveobjects on

NOTE: some pictures and plants have been resized larger (see pictures). Just click on object then Shift and ] at the same time.

Thank you to the following TSR Artists for their cc:
Click on the “download”

download – Luau Fence dark
download – Altara Cabinet
download – Altara Server
download – Altara Table
download – Altara Wall Unit
download – Altara TV Stand
download – Altara Shower Mat
download – Altara Glass Panel
download – Altara Ceiling Decor
download – Altara Shelves
download – Altara Sideboard
download – Altara Shower Panel
download – Altara Bathtub
download – Altara Toilet
download – Altara Sink
download – Altara Mirror
download – Altara Dresser
download – Altara Nightstand right
download – Altara Double Bed
download – Altara Kids Single Bed
download – Altara Kids Sideboard
download – Altara Kids Dresser
download – Altara Kids Wall Unit
download – Altara Kids Cabinet
download – Altara Kids Shelf 1
download – Altara Kids Shelf 2
download – Altara Kids Wall Sticker
download – Peanut Puppy
download – Tickles Turtle

download – Acacia Chair
download – Acacia floor plant
download – Acacia book set 1
download – Bedroom Cedar Blanket
download – Bedroom Cedar Floor Lamp

download – Bright C lamp mesh
download – Center Row Wall Light
download – Under Cabinet Lamp set

download – Printer Living Paintings
download – Monaco Side Table right
download – Kitchen Clive Stove
download – Kitchen Minimalist Cabinet High
download – Kitchen Minimalist Cabinet with Oven
download – Kitchen Minimalist Counter without backsplash

ID: SC4-103331


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