04. The Weird House | Black-White House Minimalist


Published February 15, 2021
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This is a new house that I made on The Sims 4 without any custom content! I named this house “The Weird House” because I ran out of ideas, haha, sorry XD. Also, all the objects are available on your game! (Depends on the game packs that you’ve installed)

This house has 2 bedrooms (2 double-bed/s), and 3 bathrooms!

Leave a comment below and let me know if you like it or no ^_^~~

Installed :
1. Get To Work (Expansion Pack)
2. Get Together (Expansion Pack)
3. City Living (Expansion Pack)
4. Cats And Dogs (Expansion Pack)
5. Seasons (Expansion Pack)
6. Get Famous (Expansion Pack)
7. Island Living (Expansion Pack)
8. Discover University (Expansion Pack)
9. Eco Lifestyle (Expansion Pack)
10. Showy Escape (Expansion Pack)

11. Outdoor Retreat (Game Pack)
12. Spa Day (Game Pack)
13. Dine Out (Game Pack)
14. Vampires (Game Pack)
15. Parenthood (Game Pack)
16. Jungle Adventure (Game Pack)
17. Strangerville (Game Pack)
18. Realm Of Magic (Game Pack)
19. Star Wars : Journey To Batuu (Game Pack)

20. Luxury Party Stuff (Stuff Pack)
21. Perfect Patio Stuff (Stuff Pack)
22. Cool Kitchen Stuff (Stuff Pack)
23. Spooky Stuff (Stuff Pack)
24. Movie Hangout Stuff (Stuff Pack)
25. Romantic Garden Stuff (Stuff Pack)
26. Kids Room Stuff (Stuff Pack)
27. Backyard Stuff (Stuff Pack)
28. Vintage Glamour Stuff (Stuff Pack)
29. Bowling Night Stuff (Stuff Pack)
30. Fitness Stuff (Stuff Pack)
31. Toddler Stuff (Stuff Pack)
32. Laundry Day Stuff (Stuff Pack)
33. My First Pet Stuff (Stuff Pack)
34. Moschino Stuff (Stuff Pack)
35. Tiny Living Stuff (Stuff Pack)
36. Nifty Knitting Stuff (Stuff Pack)

37. Grim’s Ghoulish Guitar (Free Stuff)
38. Holiday Celebration (Free Stuff)

//Don’t forget to check your game and see if you’ve installed the game packs above~

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