• The Sims 4 Avaskanda

    Fully Furnished Residential Lot designed by SimFabulous2

    Available at The Sims Resource

    Small Description:
    A Modern house for a maximum of 3 sims. The house includes 2 bedrooms. 4 bathrooms and a two swimmingpools.

    Extra information:
    It is a very big modern house with 2 bedroom. The bedrooms includes a dubble bed. This house build for 3 sims. The garden includes a swimmingpool. The livingroom has a tv. There are three bathrooms with a bath and a shower. And one with only a shower. Your sims should be very rich to live in this house.

    This house is created by myself. So please, DO NOT re-upload it or claim it as your own. Please DO NOT modify it and upload again! It will be very appreciated! 🙂
    You can find all the CC and games, I used in the Notes Tab!
    Enjoy! 🙂

    Creator Notes

    Games and CC to run this download properly.
    To let this download works in the game as on the pictures you have to read the information below. There are a couple of CC used in this creation and a there were games installed during the making of this download.

    Custom content
    This house includes custom content made by other creators. You can find this custom content in the links below. Click on the CC you want to download and you will get the link. If you like some CC on the pictures, it is also possible that they are used in another room.

    Car, Lounge Seat, Chair, Plant, Table, Table, Plant, Cart, Champagne, Plant, Barstool, Chair, Plant, Brick Wall, Wood Wall

    Chair, Plant, Ceiling Light, Wall Light, Fake Wall, Table, Rug, Seating, Painting, Wall, Floor

    Sofa, Pillow, Pillow, Coffee table, Rug, Plant, Vases, Plant, Magazines, Shelf, TV, Shelves, Porcelain Duck

    Counter, Island Counter, Cabinet, Fridge, Stove, Wok, Foodprocessor, Cookingbook, Teapot, Glass, Bowl, Plates and Bowls, Rug, Dinning table, Chair, Fireplace

    Bed, Fireplace, Dresser, Nightstand, Painting, Bonsai Tree, Rug, Chair, Wall, Bed, Endtable, Painting, Mirror, Lamp, Loveseat, Chair, Magazines

    Bathtub, Shower, Sink, Mirror, Bath towel, Chair, Plant, Floor, Wall light, Toilet, Sink, Bathtub, Glass panel, Mirror, Shower

    Shelves, Picture Frame, Boxes, Pouf, Pouf, Pouf, Floorlamp, Seat, Car

    Doors and windows:
    Single door

    Games installed:

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    Short URL: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1291602

    ItemID: 1291602

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