7 new traits Teen Pack Part 4

CREATED BY Simelicious

Published October 24, 2017

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7 new traits Teen Pack Part 4 for The Sims 4

by Simelicious

ID: SC4-162806


if you click download it'll take you to the page that lists the info but for quick reference: Trait 1, Imaginative: These sims tend to daze off from reality. They are often inspired and are very creative. Trait 2, Cute: These sims are cuter than normal, and everybody notices. They are the center of attention even if they don’t want to be. They tend to be popular and have lots of friends. Trait 3, Girly: These sims tend to love shopping, makeup, and dresses! They love to chat with their friends and gossip. They gain relationships faster, but their social decays quicker. Trait 4, Partier: These sims love to party. They like to dance, talk, and have a good time! Their social and fun decays faster than normal. Trait 5, Dare Devil: These sims love to explore and try new things, and they aren’t afraid. They are always ready for a dare. Their fun decays faster than other sims. Trait 6, Nerd: These sims are smarter than the average sim. They enjoy science and math. They are not very social and usually only hang out with other geeks or nerds. Trait 7, Emo: These sims tend to be depressed. They don’t normally like to talk to other sims, except for other emos.


What are the traits please?


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