[TESTING][V & RoM] Vampiric Teleportation Spells


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The Sims 4 MOD: [TESTING][V & RoM] Vampiric Teleportation Spells

Available for download at Mod The Sims

This is a Work-In-Progress Mod

This mod is currently a WIP. I’m needing some help in getting Teleport Enums & Teleport Tunings to be injected into as I’d wish to keep the Vampire Teleport System intact. If you have certain knowledge in Python, do help to contribute or give suggestions:

– MTS Forum

– S4S Forum

Mod Description – Be advised that it is going to get very technical

As I’m sure that quite a number of people have been wanting Spellcasters to use some of the Vampire Teleports, I have created this mod to kind-of solve this problem.

The current version (Version 1) replaces the Vampire Teleportation System to use a Teleport System variant used in the Transportalate spell.

As the Vampire Teleport System works only if the Sim have Vampire Power, the whole system was changed to handle the deduction/addition of the motives that is needed to be used (Vampire Power, Spellcaster Charge). Thereby doing this, the “teleporthere_VampireBat” & “teleporthere_VampireMist” had to be replaced due to a testset that I have not been able to find.

And you can see why there are big flaws with this Version – the version that is being released.

The improved version (Version 2 – If I am able to use injectors to get the work done) will no longer change the Vampire Teleport System and instead 2 new enums and tunings to handle the Vampire Teleportation for the Spellcaster Side.


These spells are Rank 4 Untamed Spells. (I have one extra unused spell called Supernatural Speed – It will be removed in a later version)

Bat and Mist Teleport uses the same style as the Transportalate Spell. If a toggle is on for either one, Go Here is used as the teleport of whichever toggle is on.

As Version 1 replaces the Vampire Teleport System, Vampire Sims with Bat Form and/or Mist Form will have one blocked out teleport option and one unblocked teleport option. The blocked out option is the original teleport tunings that are not working with the removal of the teleport_cost of teleport_mist and teleport_bat. The unblocked options are the replacements to the original for replacing the system.


Version 1 has loads of issues that have been explained above, which is caused by the removal of teleport_cost for teleport_bat & teleport_mist.

Additional Credits:
– S4S


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