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The tool has three functions, one, edit/create premade households from a save file and two, edit/populate worlds with those households and three, edit properties of households.

Save Game (EA premade households)
The tool will take any EA premade household from a save game file and save it as a new household template you can put in your mods folder, the next time you start a new game that household will look exactly like the save file it is based on.

The main idea with this is to do makeovers, for example you can take the Bjergsen household and give them new hair, new clothes from other expansion packs and also add the missing hot / cold weather outfits from Seasons.

The tool will transfer Age, Gender, Aspiration, Voice, Skintone, Traits, Morphs, PeltLayers, Occult, Career (optional), Outfits and Genetic Data, including all CC (which must be installed of course).

The tool uses the first name within the household to link saved Sims to their original templates, this seem to be the only reliable way as the game sometimes switches Sims around the household for unknown reasons, especially the Harris and Laurent households. It is very important that you do not change the First Name of Sims, if you do they will not be copied to their template, you can change the Last Name which is required if you edit Sims like Baby Ariel and Rey. If you want to change the First Name you must select the Override EA template option before you load the save file, this will turn EA households into custom households and give you full control.

The household portrait is the default from the game files, it is displayed to better identify the household, it does not represent how the Sims look like in the save game.

If you want to add/remove family members from EA premade households you must use the Override EA template option (before you load the save file), this will turn EA households into custom households.


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