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The Sims 4 MOD: Pan De Muerto Retail Price Fix

Ever wanted to open up a store selling nothing but Pan De Muerto only to discover that, even though you can mark the food for sale, it will only ever sell for ZERO Simoleons? Well, fear no more. This quick little tuning fix adds in the missing retail value data from the group and single serving recipes.
The food will now actually require purchasing Sims to hand over their Simoleons when buying.
It will now also cost your Sim money when they restock the recipe instead of costing them nothing. Seems only fair now that you will actually be geting paid for the product.

The group serving of Pan De Muerto has been given a base retail price of 32 Simoleons and the single serving has been given a price of 6 Simoleons. I based these figures on similar recipes that I could find. These should still scale to match the chosen markup of your store. In the screenshots I had my store markup set to the default.


  • You need Get to Work for this mod to be any use. Without it you won’t have stores to sell Pan De Muerto in anyway.
  • This mod will only affect newly prepared Pan De Muerto. If you try to sell any that already exists in your saves, it will still sell for 0.
  • This mod WILL conflict with any other mod that alters the Large and Single recipe tunings for Pan De Muerto.
    These are;
    0000000000025947 – recipe_Food_Homestyle_PanDeMuerto_Large
    0000000000025946 – recipe_Food_Homestyle_PanDeMuerto_Single

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