No regrets Aspiration (custom aspiration)


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The Sims 4 MOD: No regrets Aspiration (custom aspiration)

Hello ! Here a new custom aspiration about having no regrets !
I wanted an aspiration about living a life fully, with stages (end of teenage years, adulting, active life, …)
I started to create this mod in french then I translated it in english, I hope that you will enjoy it

Description :
As Oscar Wilde said, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all” The sims that choose to really live are not many but at the end of their lives, there is no regrets.

5 stages (and not 4, even if the fifth is hidden)
1)End of teenage years
– Play 7 times video games
– Have 5 friends
– Buy 3 drinks at a bar or a club
– Reach level 5 in guitar

– Read 3 books
– Have a first kiss
– Reach level 5 in 2 skills
– Have a TW worth $1200

3)Active life
– Water 5 times your plants
– Cook 10 times
– Be married
– Have a kid

– Get in the hot club 3 times
– Watch 3 Movies
– Woohoo 10 times
– Achieve 8 Spa activities

5)Finish in a high note
– Explore Space
– Write a book
– Give inspired speech
– Play guitar for tips

Trait earned :
Congrats (Sims Name) ! You lived your life fully and you will not have regrets when the reaper will come to get you ! Trait earned: No regrets
No buffs, just a bunch of whims
Tell a Joke
Make a Friend
Meet Someone New
Chat with Someone
Hug Someone
Compliment Someone
Make a Friend
Compliment Someone
Tell a Joke
Do an Impression for Someone

Languages available
French + English
If you’re playing in another language, all the texts may will appear in French

Game requirements
This should work with the most recent patch, if it does not please let me know !!

Additional Credits:
Made with Zerbu’s The Sims 4 Mod Constuctor(v2 Beta) program
Translated with S4S


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