Love Letters (Flirty/Romantic decoration)



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The Sims 4 MOD: Love Letters (Flirty/Romantic decoration)

Found in the decorative “Clutter” category under “Love letters” or simply search for letters in the Build/Buy menu, this item will:

  • Once the emotional aura is enabled, provide a +3 Flirty “Romantic Decor” moodlet to Sims in its proximity (ages Teen through Adult)
  • Select “Read a love letter” from the menu for a +1 Flirty moodlet “Romantic Memory” that lasts for four hours (ages Teen through Adult)
  • Selecting “Read a love letter” results in a retuned “fans self” animation because those letters are steamy! Since I only play m/m relationships, the animation included is Socials_Responses_Flirty_HighIntensity_FanSelfMale (I’m a new modder so adding multiple animations is a bit beyond me; there is one for FansSelfFemale) but prior to uploading I did test the letters to ensure they were safe for all ages consumption and discovered that ladies will also fan themselves so hey, mission accidentally accomplished

This mod with conflict with any mods editing these resources:
Instance 000000000000739A/000000000001FEE9 sculptTableMedium_EP03RWfanMail_set3 (City Living expansion – Letters by the pile)

Additional Credits:

BakieGaming for his YouTube videos on item tuning. These are extremely helpful to super beginners like myself since visual guides = all
Sims 4 Studio
orangemittens for their Sims 4 Studio tutorial about item tuning
A lot of posts by scumbumbo that I read through trying to make sense of everything as a first-timer


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