Real Life Trees (no fade/LOD)

The Sims 4 MOD: Real Life Trees (no fade/LOD) DOWNLOAD Real Life Trees (no fade/LOD) – by Nothead All “no tree fade” mods are obsolete, so I did this one. Enjoy All big trees,some bushes and big debug objects will not fade anymore. Also stops “Paper trees” LOD . (optional,but “no LOD” version also have “no more fade”) Remember: “Maxis does not pre-screen or support Mods”,so I will not make to latest relase.use the 1.31 […]

Faster Gain and Loss Character Value

The Sims 4 MOD: Faster Gain and Loss Character Value by Pawlq DOWNLOAD original mod here ***************************************** This is updated version of Pawlq’s mod, but i make it different. I separate the mod into 2 types, faster gain and faster loss. That is your choice to combining this mod each other. just use 1 file for each type, ex: 15% faster gain or 25% faster gain(correct) 15% faster gain + 25% faster loss (correct) 25% […]

Realistic Trees No Fade Mod

Sims 4 Realistic Trees No Fade Mod by MSQSIMS Created for: The Sims 4 This mod makes it possible that the trees do not fade when you get closer. It is recommended to set the graphics setting to high. This mod contains a lot of resources, if you see a tree that is still fading please send me a DM with a screenshot of the tree. Compatible with Patch Last Update : 06/28/2021 (Added […]

Realistic Trees (No Fade)

The Sims 4 MOD: Realistic Trees (No Fade) DOWNLOAD This mod stops the fading of trees and bushes when you get closer in live mode. It also works in Camera Tab Mode. Includes all debug and buyable Trees and bushes This Mod overrides a lot of Model files (209 files) All Medium,Low and Lower Lods are removed so they don’t look like papers. 01661233!00000000!004D81DFA7B2CAA4 01661233!00000000!0124E3B8AC7BEE62 01661233!00000000!0160988CE012A517 01661233!00000000!03D3082795673EF8 01661233!00000000!03F71C1A31743357 01661233!00000000!041486AB0972515C 01661233!00000000!05622835ED2983FC 01661233!00000000!05622835ED2983FF 01661233!00000000!086131190484BCE8 01661233!00000000!086131190484BCEB 01661233!00000000!0A17F7DBFAA839A4 01661233!00000000!0A17F7DBFAA839A7 […]

[REMASTERED] No-Fade Columns on Live and BuildBuy Mode

The Sims 4 MOD: [REMASTERED] No-Fade Columns on Live and BuildBuy Mode Available for download at Mod The Sims This mod was originally conceived by Plasticbox, the original modder of this mod. You can find the old version here. Mod Description Note: Tjis mod only alters the Model of the Columns, and will not flag the Columns to be CC. So, Gallery uploads will be fine. As the original mod has not been updated […]

No watering trees

The Sims 4 MOD: No watering trees Established trees in real life don’t need to be watered, so why should harvestable sim trees need to be? Rest easy knowing that your fruit trees will not wilt after days of neglect. You will still need to look after them by weeding and spraying. ———————- This is my first simple mod, made with help from my lovely fiance. We have adjusted the moisture decay rate to 0 […]

Therapist Career

The Sims 4 Career: Therapist Career DOWNLOAD About this mod New Therapist Career with 5 different paths: Social Worker, Life Coach, Marriage Counselor, Psychologist and Psychiatrist. Install all files (3) in your mods folder to add this new career to your game. This career mod requires Game version Career ID 9431253151531958969 (needed for ‘careers.promote’, usual promotion is not working properly) Career details Therapist – Main Path Has it always been your life’s goal to […]

Weather Realism Overhaul

The Sims 4 MOD: Weather Realism Overhaul DOWNLOAD IMPORTANT: I noticed that the download count of the old versions were going up along with the new version. This might just be the delay of the site, but make sure to look carefully at the files part and do not download old versions without knowing, and most importantly, only use one file. (Of course you can download the older versions, but make sure you know which […]

Mid Rise Faded Denim

The Sims 4 Mid Rise Faded Denim (Mesh) by Pinkzombiecupcakes Rich,soft dark, faded denim.The best jeans for a super sexy look.Available in 6 colors.With custom thumbnail.I hope you like it ^^^^:) Creator Notes Follow my TOU*,thank you. Recolor or New: New Item Type: Bottoms Recoloring Allowed: No Creating Tool used: Sims4Studio ID: SC4-102333 Category Tags: Clothing , Fashion , Women’s , Everyday , Female , Adult , denim , jeans , Pinkzombiecupcakes , Sims 4 […]

Fade Eyeliner V1

Fade Eyeliner V1 for The Sims 4 by borispaijmans This eyeliner is a beautiful dark and bold winged liner.The liner has a fade to it and won’t show in the corner of the eye, as a kind off ombre effect.It goes from visible to invisible.I hope you guys like this liner!There are two versions to this, one all black one and the other one has a little grey/white line under the wing. Credits: Eyelashes by […]

Faded Glory Estate

The Sims 4 Faded Glory Estate Fully Furnished Residential Lot (30×20) designed by Ineliz Available at The Sims Resource Faded Glory Estate is a wonderful old house for a big family. This building consists of few bedrooms and bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and a grand attic turned into a study room. There is a small patio in the middle of the pond, where your sims can sit down on the […]

Faded Jeans

The Sims 4 Faded Jeans (Mesh) by plumbobfae A nice pair of faded jeans for male sims. Comes in four presets. Available for Everyday and Party wear. Creator Notes Please do not re-upload, claim as your own or recolor. Credit for Mathias: Skin and lashes: Vampire_aninyosalohSpikelet earrings: simension Recolor or New: New Item Type: Bottoms Recoloring Allowed: No ID: SC4-130571 Category Tags: Clothing , Fashion , Men’s Jeans , Everyday , Male , Adult

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