Real Life Trees (no fade/LOD)

The Sims 4 MOD: Real Life Trees (no fade/LOD) DOWNLOAD Real Life Trees (no fade/LOD) – by Nothead All “no tree fade” mods are obsolete, so I did this one. Enjoy All big trees,some bushes and big debug objects will not fade anymore. Also stops “Paper trees” LOD . (optional,but “no LOD” version also have “no more fade”) Remember: “Maxis does not pre-screen or support Mods”,so I will not make to latest relase.use the 1.31 […]

Faster Gain and Loss Character Value

The Sims 4 MOD: Faster Gain and Loss Character Value by Pawlq DOWNLOAD original mod here ***************************************** This is updated version of Pawlq’s mod, but i make it different. I separate the mod into 2 types, faster gain and faster loss. That is your choice to combining this mod each other. just use 1 file for each type, ex: 15% faster gain or 25% faster gain(correct) 15% faster gain + 25% faster loss (correct) 25% […]

Spooky Cookies ? TS4 Edition (Updated ? 23rd Dec 2017)

The Sims 4 MOD: Spooky Cookies – TS4 Edition (Updated – 23rd Dec 2017) DOWNLOAD Picked Upload! This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community. Update – 9, Nov, 2017 : Pets Patch — Updated to Pets Patch (PC – / Mac — Pets can interact with the food Mod Description This is a conversion of my Sims 3 Spooky […]

Therapist Career

The Sims 4 Career: Therapist Career DOWNLOAD About this mod New Therapist Career with 5 different paths: Social Worker, Life Coach, Marriage Counselor, Psychologist and Psychiatrist. Install all files (3) in your mods folder to add this new career to your game. This career mod requires Game version Career ID 9431253151531958969 (needed for ‘careers.promote’, usual promotion is not working properly) Career details Therapist – Main Path Has it always been your life’s goal to […]

Realistic Trees No Fade Mod

Sims 4 Realistic Trees No Fade Mod by MSQSIMS Created for: The Sims 4 This mod makes it possible that the trees do not fade when you get closer. It is recommended to set the graphics setting to high. This mod contains a lot of resources, if you see a tree that is still fading please send me a DM with a screenshot of the tree. Compatible with Patch Last Update : 06/28/2021 (Added […]

Realistic Trees (No Fade)

The Sims 4 MOD: Realistic Trees (No Fade) DOWNLOAD This mod stops the fading of trees and bushes when you get closer in live mode. It also works in Camera Tab Mode. Includes all debug and buyable Trees and bushes This Mod overrides a lot of Model files (209 files) All Medium,Low and Lower Lods are removed so they don’t look like papers. 01661233!00000000!004D81DFA7B2CAA4 01661233!00000000!0124E3B8AC7BEE62 01661233!00000000!0160988CE012A517 01661233!00000000!03D3082795673EF8 01661233!00000000!03F71C1A31743357 01661233!00000000!041486AB0972515C 01661233!00000000!05622835ED2983FC 01661233!00000000!05622835ED2983FF 01661233!00000000!086131190484BCE8 01661233!00000000!086131190484BCEB 01661233!00000000!0A17F7DBFAA839A4 01661233!00000000!0A17F7DBFAA839A7 […]

Weather Realism Overhaul

The Sims 4 MOD: Weather Realism Overhaul DOWNLOAD IMPORTANT: I noticed that the download count of the old versions were going up along with the new version. This might just be the delay of the site, but make sure to look carefully at the files part and do not download old versions without knowing, and most importantly, only use one file. (Of course you can download the older versions, but make sure you know which […]

Baker Career

The Sims 4 Career: Baker Career DOWNLOAD Do you want to be part of the wonderful world of baked goods? Do you want to learn how to be the best baker you can be and in the future pick a specialty? If so this career is for you. The possibilities of what you can bake are almost infinite. You will never have a boring day with the variety of items you can make on a […]

Custom Christmas Cookies ? Part 3

The Sims 4 MOD: Custom Christmas Cookies – Part 3 DOWNLOAD Here is the final part of my Christmas Cookies! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Mod Description This is a conversion of my Sims 3 Christmas Cookies which I made a while back. This mod adds 3 cookie recipes to the game Requires Custom Food Interactions_LatestVersion — Updated on 22nd Dec 2017 The 4 custom cookies added are – Gingerbread Rings Gingerbread Star Cookies Christmas […]

4 Custom Toddler Food and Snacks (Updated 10th Nov, 2017)

The Sims 4 MOD: 4 Custom Toddler Food and Snacks (Updated 10th Nov, 2017) DOWNLOAD Update – 15th Nov 2017 — Gluttony pets can eat the foods ( except Choco Flakes. I have blocked all things Chocolate for them ! ) Update – 10, Nov, 2017 : Pets Patch — Updated to Pets Patch (PC – / Mac Mod Description Adds four custom foods to the game. Toddler and Snack ready! Requires Custom […]

[SE] 3+ Lifestyles Fix

The Sims 4 MOD: [SE] 3+ Lifestyles Fix Available for download at Mod The Sims Mod Description As I’m sure everyone knows about the Lifestyles Issue, where Sims can get more than 3 Lifestyles. This mod should try to resolve this unaddressed issue that hasn’t been resolved. Issues NOT Rectified Under This Mod: When Removing a Lifestyle trait, the Sim Info UI does not indicate that the Lifestyle Trait is removed unless the Sim travels […]

BetterSims Beta

The Sims 4 MOD: BetterSims Beta Available for download at Mod The Sims To this date the BetterSims system has 7 important features for your game: 4 New Complementary Traits Free Spirited These sims lie a carefree lifestyle, they can get tense if they spend a long period of time in high school or a regular job. Illogical These sims are bad at all mental skills and struggle to become Focused. Uncreative These sims are […]

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